A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 434

“Master Shen, it seems that your Shen family’s financial resources are just so.” After grabbing two rough stones from Shen Fei one after another, Sun Yuhao was undoubtedly arrogant. He looked at Shen Fei from a distance with a victor’s gaze. Among them, full of sarcasm and disdain.
“Sister Qiu, have you seen it? Brother Yuhao is so beautiful and amazing, Shen Fei was stepped on by him.” At this time, Han Feifei also flattered 189457c4 to Sun Yuhao towards Qiu Mucheng.
Shen Fei was full of anger: “What are you proud of? You bought a broken stone for a hundred million, and you are so happy as an idiot! To tell you the truth, you can’t get a little green with this one.”
“Fuck Nima shit!”
The most taboo of betting on rocks is undoubtedly this kind of curse. After all, whether this business can make money or not has a lot to do with luck. Now that Shen Fei cursed him like this, Sun Yuhao was of course angry, but soon Sun Yuhao recovered his calm and snorted, “Master Shen can only do it now. I’m quick to speak. I’m an idiot. Do you think other people are idiots just like you?”
“You~” Shen Fei gritted his teeth with anger, but he is indisputable. After all, this is the case. He bought a piece of scrap for tens of millions before.
After that, the auction continued, and Sun Yuhao may not continue to bid because of limited funds. On the contrary, Shen Fei spent half a million to buy the No. 11 rough.
“Waste is waste. Picking the rough stone also picks a piece of leftover material. It’s only half a million, and it’s strange to be green.” Sun Yuhao and others snorted when they saw this.
Soon, the auction ended successfully.
At this time, Sun Yuhao was unwilling to be lonely and walked up: “Master Shen, just saw you bought another piece of good material for 500,000 yuan. It just so happens that I also have two pieces of good material. Why don’t we have a piece of calcite for everyone Open your eyes.” First URL m.
“Mucheng, don’t leave. You will be watching it for a while. When I drive out the jade, I will give you a bracelet on the spot.”
Sun Yuhao said affectionately to Qiu Mucheng.
The purpose of his coming here is to show off to Qiu Mucheng and at the same time humiliate Shen Fei and the others.
“Hmph, this young master has something to do, and I don’t have time to play with you.” Of course, Shen Fei could see that Sun Yuhao wanted to take this opportunity to humiliate him. He had nothing good in his hand, only a piece of scraps that nobody wanted. Of course he didn’t dare. Betting on rocks with Sun Yuhao.
Otherwise, he will not be able to face scandals after he drove out the waste twice in a row, how will he see people in the future?
“Don’t, Master Shen. The world’s Young Master Su has said it personally, why don’t we have to give others a face.” Ye Fan didn’t think it was a big deal, but he added to the flames.
When Shen Fei heard it, he was almost crying, and he pulled Ye Fan in a low voice: “Brother Fan, what do we have in hand, don’t you have any points in your heart?”
“A half million leftovers, can we get it?”
“People expect that any deduction points are worth more than ours. Compared with him, we are not embarrassing enough!”
Shen Fei looked bitter. At the auction just now, Ye Fanfei asked to bid for the No. 11 rough. No one was bidding at the time. Shen Fei bought it at the starting price. Later, I learned that this was especially the scrap of the No. 9 rough. How could this rough stone be green, no wonder no one wants it.
But Ye Fan didn’t care: “It’s okay, anyway, you are not ashamed of once or twice, not bad this time.”
Ye Fan insisted on insisting, and Shen Fei couldn’t help it, and went to lay the stone with Sun Yuhao as if the duck was put on the shelf.
Qiu Mucheng complained from the side, “Ye Fan, what are you making up for. Isn’t this showing that Master Shen will be ashamed?”
“The reason why Sun Yuhao called him a calcite was to humiliate him.”
“A piece of leftover material, how can it be green?”
“I don’t know what you think?”
Qiu Mucheng was helpless, holding her forehead and sighing, she couldn’t figure out what Ye Fan was thinking about.

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