A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 435

“This Ye Fan is really an idiot. Young Master Shen has made a friend like him, and he’s been bloodied for eight lifetimes.” Han Feifei looked at it and found it ridiculous. A piece of waste that was bought for 500,000 yuan, Ye Fan, an idiot, even persuaded Shen Fei to lay the stone in public. Is this not enough for Shen Fei?
Han Shaojie also looked at Ye Fan inexplicably at this time, thinking to himself that Ye Fan would not be with Sun Yuhao and the others, who came here to pit Shen Fei.
Worried, Han Shaojie persuaded Shen Fei: “A Fei, I don’t think I should understand. A piece of leftover material is not embarrassing enough.”
“It’s okay, just go, don’t persuade.” Ye Fan was still very calm, urging Shen Fei to step forward to solve the stone.
When Sun Yuhao saw it at the time, he shook his head and smiled: “Master Shen really has a good brother~”
At this moment, Sun Yuhao actually had the urge to thank Ye Fan. He only felt that Ye Fan’s assist was too timely.
Originally, he was worried that Shen Fei would not agree to his request for fear of embarrassment, but he did not expect that Ye Fan would help him a lot.
“Mucheng, you can just watch it below for a while.”
“I said, I will prove to you the huge gap between this hillbilly and me.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“And the next scene will be the best proof.”
With eyes full of affection and arrogance, Sun Yuhao stood with his hands in his hand, just looking at the stunning woman in front of him.
For so many years, no woman has ever been able to make him so emotional like Qiu Mucheng.
Back then, when he met Qiu Mucheng for the first time in Jiang Hai, Sun Yuhao truly experienced a poem.
And with deep affection, we can turn our heads without time!
“Wait and see, Mucheng. Next, I will not only let you see, I also want everyone present to see, how dazzling is my Sun Yuhao, and how brilliant is it?”
At this moment, Sun Yuhao was full of pride, and there was more glory in his eyes, and he was full of energy.
In that way, it was like an emperor about to become the emperor of Dabao. He believed that he would use his glory to thoroughly conquer this outstanding woman in front of him.
In this way, with full of arrogance, Sun Yuhao stepped forward and boarded the understanding stone platform.
In sharp contrast, this was Shen Fei, who was like driving a duck to the shelves, with a bitter and ashamed face, and walked over with his head down.
Soon, the staff member walked up with the tool of calcite, and asked Sun Yuhao respectfully: “Master Sun, first solve the rough stone?”
“No. 6 or No. 9?”
Sun Yuhao owns two of the four final jade rough stones.
Now that Sun Yuhao wants to solve the stone in public, the staff naturally has to ask which one to solve first?
“Let’s go to the 6th first, of course the most expensive one must be put at the end, leaving a suspense.” Sun Yuhao said gratifyingly.
After that, Sun Yuhao stepped forward and drew a line on the rough stone with chalk.
“Don’t wipe it, mother-in-law. Just cut it directly.”
“Along this line, cut it straight down.”
Sun Yuhao is also very simple, tens of millions of stones, not as cautious as Shen Fei before, but simply and neatly, directly letting the staff do everything in half.
Amid the deafening sound, I saw a burst of white mist from the rough stone.
While watching Shen Fei on the side, he couldn’t help muttering, the whole person was anxiously like his original stone.
Hearing Shen Fei’s murmur, Sun Yuhao was so angry that he could not wait to kick him up.
How dirty this heart is to curse him like that!

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