A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 438

For Ye Fan, Shen Fei really admired him now.
Say waste is waste.
If you say you lose 20 million, you lose 20 million.
This vision is simply a match for the gods!
Looking back now, Shen Fei was afraid for a while.
If it wasn’t for Ye Fan just now, he was afraid that he would really want to chase higher, and spent more than 100 million to buy a broken stone.
At that time, his father was afraid that he would really send him to prison.
On the other side, a billion-dollar stone collapsed. The old man called Old Li by Sun Yuhao and others, knowing he was ashamed, went forward to apologize to Sun Yuhao: “Master, I’m sorry. Master suffered such a huge loss!”
“Cao Nima, do you have a face to say?” Sun Yuhao roared, his eyes flushed.
One hundred million, he bought a broken stone after spending one hundred million.
No one knows how broken Sun Yuhao’s heart is at this time, and the pain is dripping blood. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
He was so angry now that he wanted to kick the old man to death.
But after all, he held it back. After all, with so many people watching and Mucheng was there, the more angry he was, the more unbearable he would be.
Therefore, he finally held back and tried to calm himself.
“Master Sun, what’s the matter with you? Your face is so ugly, it looks like you have been fucked?”
“Where was your arrogance just now?”
“Where was your domineering spirit just now?”
“Why is it all gone?”
“Buy a broken stone for one hundred million? Master Sun wants a stone to tell me, I will send you a car to go there at night, and I will give you a discount, and then sell it to you for ten million.”
Shen Fei smiled triumphantly, facing Sun Yuhao’s wanton ridicule, but returned all the humiliation Sun Yuhao had done to him before.
At this time, Sun Yuhao’s face was ashen as water. Because of the anger in my heart, my palms were tightly gripped, and my fingertips almost penetrated into the flesh and blood.
However, no matter how heartache is in my heart, e858e84e still shows light and wind, and sneered: “Isn’t it only 100 million?”
“The mere amount of money, the young master has not paid attention to it.”
“Furthermore, even if the stone I bought breaks down, this young man is at least bloody and courageous, and he solves the stone on the spot. And Master Shen, do you have one?
“Do you have the courage to lay the stone on the spot, let us see, what “treasure” can be found in that piece of scraps that nobody wants?”
“This~” Sun Yuhao said, but Shen Fei did not dare to answer the question.
“Okay, as you wish!” At this time, a faint laughter came from the crowd.
For a time, everyone turned around, following the prestige.
I saw Ye Fan walking over with a faint smile.
“It’s you?”
“You stinky boy, is this qualified for you to speak?” Sun Yuhao suddenly became even more angry when he saw Ye Fan and cursed directly.
And Ye Fan ignored him, just looked at Shen Fei: “Shen Fei, just solve it. Don’t worry, the rough stone, if I say green, it will definitely come out green!”
Shen Fei nodded, only one good word back to Ye Fan.
When Sun Yuhao, Han Feifei and others saw this, they immediately laughed, their eyes full of sarcasm.
“It’s really wicked”
“When you say green, then green? You are so awesome, why don’t you go to heaven!”
“That idiot Shen Fei will believe your nonsense!!”

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