A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 439

“Master Shen, even if you don’t get reused in Shen’s house now, you won’t be so cheap as you are.”
“A hillbilly, how can you obey?”
“You are still a wealthy young master, now it seems that it is really unbearable!” Han Feifei sneered.
To be honest, Han Feifei really couldn’t figure it out, which of Shen Fei had made the mistake, so close to Ye Fan?
For their cold words, Shen Fei did not pay attention, but went forward to solve the stone.
“Master Shen, wipe or cut?”
“Cut it. You can see life and death with a single cut, and you can save yourself suffering here.” Shen Fei gritted his teeth.
To be honest, he still didn’t think this leftover material could be green.
But if you collapse, you collapse, isn’t it just to lose some people?
Anyway, Sun Yuhao is with him.
Besides, Sun Yuhao’s 100 million stones were all scrapped. Compared with him, even if his own rough stone bought for 500,000 collapsed, it would not be a big deal. Remember to read in one second
Soon, as the cutting machine kept humming, Shen Fei saw a white mist immediately above his stone.
However, this white mist did not last long, and then it turned into a dazzling green.
“Fuck, it’s green!”
“Brother Fan, it’s green~”
Seeing that the white mist turned into a green mist, Shen Fei was mad at the time. He almost jumped up with excitement. He kept shouting that Brother Fan had turned green, and Ye Fan was so angry that he wanted to go up and kick this guy to death.
Green peat, why are you db784a8d green!
Until the end, after the rough stone was cut in half, a dazzling green burst immediately from the incision.
Green is bright, green is pure!
“This…this is…”
“Glass…Glass species…Zheng…Zhengyang green!”
“My God~”
“It is a glass species of Zhengyang Green. In terms of its preciousness, it is second only to Emperor Green!”
“Sent it!”
“Master Shen, did you post it?”
“It’s still such a big piece of jade of this quality. Our Yunzhou jadeite raw stone world has not been out for three years.”
“This jade, 30 million yuan, no, 40 million yuan for the base!”
After seeing the green in the rough stone, the crowd exploded quickly, and many emerald merchants watched thousands of them, all with emotion.
“Emerald world, respect the emperor green!”
“And Zhengyang Green, the purity of green, is second only to Emperor Green.”
“What’s more, this jade is still a kind of glass!”
“It is also a treasure among jadeite treasures.”
“Old and old have been in the jade world for decades, and they have witnessed the birth of the glass species Zhengyang Green only three times.”
“Thank you Master Shen, let me wait and open my eyes!”
“This Zhengyang green jade, I will pay 50 million yuan, I hope Master Shen will sell it to me.”
“I pay 60 million!”
“65 million~”
The crowd had completely exploded, and many jewelers were vying to bid and rob, and Shen Fei was so happy from ear to ear.
And Sun Yuhao and others, watching this scene, the whole people are completely confused.
“This… how is this possible?”
“A piece of half-million leftovers turned out Zhengyang Green!”
“This is absolutely impossible?”
“How can a piece of waste that no one wants comes out of Zhengyang Green?”
Sun Yuhao was almost crazy at this moment, his eyes were red, there was endless anger and unwillingness in his heart, and his fists clenched tightly.
He couldn’t believe that his one hundred million rough stones became scraps, and a piece of leftover on his rough stones, on the contrary, was worth a few hundred times, and it became Zhengyang Green?
“Why is this special?”

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