A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 441

For this moment, his Sun Yuhao planned for a long time, spent a lot of money, just to shine in this rough auction, and then stood on the stage that attracted the attention of the audience and expressed his love to Qiu Mucheng.
However, who would have thought that this should belong to his glory, but now it was snatched away by others, or the most hated waste.
Sun Yuhao thought that he was defeated by Shen Fei, but it was not until this moment that Sun Yuhao knew that the person he lost was actually Ye Fan.
But, a country dick, a door-to-door son-in-law, how can he stand there? How can he be respected?
Sun Yuhao’s eyes were blood red, and he was full of unwillingness.
I wanted to rely on this jade auction to prove myself to Qiu Mucheng, but now I’m self-defeating. Not only does he scan the floor, he also fulfills Ye Fan. It is conceivable that Sun Yuhao’s heart collapsed at this time?
In fact, not only Sun Yuhao, but even Han Feifei and Han Hai and his son were also full of shock.
“It’s him!”
“It turned out to be him?”
“This hillbilly, he still gambles on rocks?”
“This… how is this possible?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Han Hai and his daughter were full of disbelief. For a long time, Ye Fan was undoubtedly a wasteful existence in their eyes, but now that Ye Fan suddenly became a blockbuster and stood where they looked up, the father and daughter were of course shocked.
However, no matter how horrified and unbelievable they may be, the truth is here.
The man they looked down upon before, but now stands in the most eye-catching place in the audience, respected and admired by everyone, it can be described as the most beautiful.
“Unexpectedly, the “Brother Fan” that Young Master Shen said was so young.”
“Really responded, the hero is a boy~”
“This gentleman, Mr. Shen said just now that the reason why he can shine at the rough auction is all dependent on your kind words.”
“It’s your critical moment, to turn the tide, not only allowed Young Master Shen to avoid the loss of more than 100 million yuan, but also to know the bead with insight. With small and broad, the stone becomes gold, and the glass species of Zhengyang Green was developed for Young Master Shen.”
“I dare to affirm that after today, the young man has become an upstart in the jadeite stone world!”
“In the future, I am afraid that people who want to get acquainted with the little man, or even those who tell him about relatives, will have to cross the threshold.”
“Before Mr. Xiao shares your “stone watching” experience, I hope you will introduce yourself to us all…”
After Ye Fan took the stage, the host’s sweet voice immediately sounded, and everyone’s eyes undoubtedly fell on Ye Fan at this moment.
Indeed, as the host said, many people in the audience now have a heart for the young queen in front of them, and even some have decided to ask Ye Fan to be a rough consultant in their company after this auction. Million annual salary.
After all, a person with such an eye for gambling on stones, over time, the profits he can create will undoubtedly be huge.
In addition, many single wealthy daughters present were even more eye-catching, and some girls with cheerful temperament directly threatened to pursue him, marry Ye Fan, and become Ye Fan’s wife.
Qiu Mucheng listened quietly and watched quietly among the crowd. When someone wanted to marry Ye Fan as his wife, don’t mention how proud Qiu Mucheng felt.
After all, when you hear that your husband is so admired and admired, anyone who is a wife will feel proud and proud.
Of course, before this, everyone is most curious, naturally, Ye Fan’s identity.
When everyone was waiting for Ye Fan to declare his family and want to know if Ye Fan was the young master of that big family, Ye Fan chuckled and shook his head: “I, Ye Fan, are also an unknown person. There is nothing to introduce. To be able to stand here is all luck.”

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