A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 443

Is he just a son-in-law?
Or a poor country girl?
Qiu Muying’s words were like a boulder falling into the sea, almost instantaneously causing a monstrous wave among the crowd.
For a time, the audience was in an uproar, and everyone talked.
The admiring gaze that everyone looked at Ye Fan was undoubtedly gone at this moment.
“No wonder, no wonder he just told him to declare his family, he fumbled and resisted!”
“So it’s just a waste of money?”
“Don’t you say that people are poor, and their goals are still short, and become the son-in-law?”
“It’s a shame to our men!”
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“This kind of uselessness, what kind of insight, let alone the talent?”
“It now appears that the beauty on the stage guessed right. It is probably this poor country boy who begged Shen Fei and Young Master Shen to lie to him and give him a chance to go on stage and pretend to be poor?”
“Fortunately, I just recommended him to Grandpa, and I want to ask him to be our company’s rough consultant for a while.”
“Thanks to the girl on stage.”
“Otherwise we would have been fooled by him!”
At this time, the crowd has exploded.
Everyone shouted angrily, there was a kind of anger that was deceived by others.
Of course, all this is just Qiu Muying’s side words, but most of the people present also believed it.
“Before I was wondering how a wealthy young master was dressed so poorly. In formal occasions, he wears sneakers of other brands.”
“After doing it for a long time, I’m just a hillbilly.”
“It’s still a hillbilly who eats soft food, what can such a person have?”
“If he is really capable, how could he still be a son-in-law at home!”
“We were deceived by him!”
The people in the audience had already started the discussion, and some people even called Ye Fan a liar and told him to get off the stage.
Qiu Mucheng’s face was pale, and she stood there, looking at Ye Fan who had been criticized by people. Although she wanted to help Ye Fan explain, how could she explain it?
Although Qiu Muying’s words are ugly, they are basically facts.
Ye Fan did come from a poor family, and he did enter the Zhuqiu family as the son-in-law.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng had to droop her pretty face, her red lips biting tightly, her beautiful eyes flushed unconsciously.
“A Fei, didn’t you say that Brother Fan is a big shot?”
“This has been going on for a long time, how come you are a son-in-law, or a countryman?” Han Shaojie also looked at Shen Fei in confusion.
Before that, Shen Fei had been telling Han Shaojie that Ye Fan’s status was extraordinary, and he was Jiangdong’s leading figure, and he must not be offended. Now, hearing Qiu Mucheng’s identity as Ye Fan, Han Shaojie was of course puzzled.
Shen Fei whispered: “That woman is wicked, do you believe what she says?”
At this time, on the high platform in front, the host’s expression was also a little ugly, and asked Xiang Qiu Muying: “Miss, have you admitted the wrong person? This gentleman is…”
“How is it possible to admit wrong? This scumbag, he is turned into a scum, and I recognize it. If you don’t believe it, just ask him and let him speak for himself!” Qiu Muying roughly interrupted the host and smiled triumphantly.
With suspicion, the host asked Xiang Ye Fan as expected.
Ye Fan didn’t conceal anything, but said flatly: “She was right.”
“I, Ye Fan, really came from a poor family, but I’m just the son of a farmer.”
“I, Ye Fan, have indeed entered the Zuoqiu family, and I am a door-to-door son-in-law~”

“It turned out to be true?”
“Bad son, we were really cheated by him!”
“Miss at a loss just thought about marrying him, she turned out to be a liar~”
“How could a hillbilly bet on rocks?”
“Don’t roll down yet?!”
“There is still a face standing on it?”
“Get down!”

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