A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 444

After hearing Ye Fan’s own confession, the crowd below completely exploded. The crowd was very angry. Without any estimation, they all criticized and criticized Ye Fan and let Ye Fan roll off the stage.
“This hillbilly, it’s just self-defeating?”
“I don’t have the skills, and I want to dress up?”
“The glory given by others is not my own after all.”
“Now it ends up like this, it deserves it!”
“I see how this hillbilly will be a human being.”
Seeing that Ye Fan, who was originally surrounded by people, has now transformed into a rat crossing the street, and Sun Yuhao in the crowd is undoubtedly overjoyed and smiles gleefully.
Han Hai and his daughter were also full of disdain, and laughed coldly: “Waste is a waste. Can a snake become a real dragon?”
“Yuhao, let’s go. The farce is over, it’s going to get dark, we should get to the business.”
Han Hai and the others had already guessed Ye Fan’s final ending, and they didn’t plan to keep watching. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After all, business matters, they don’t want to waste their time on people like Ye Fan.
Sun Yuhao looked at the time and nodded: “Well, time, it’s almost time.”
“The Mid-Autumn Night Auction is finally about to begin.”
Sun Yuhao smiled slowly, and then the three of them left here taking advantage of the chaos and went to the top floor of the hall.
There, it was tonight, the real celebrities, the gathering place!
On the high platform, listening to the scolding of everyone, Ye Fan was helpless.
“Why are you still standing, don’t d2a0f40a hurry down?”
“Isn’t it shameful?”
The host didn’t have the polite and respectful attitude towards Ye Fan anymore, and instead took a bit of disgust.
Ye Fan took the microphone and said to everyone again: “Please be quiet, everyone, let me say a few more words.”
“What else can you say, please leave!” The host still had to dare Ye Fan to leave.
But Qiu Muying was holding her hands, looking like she was watching a good show: “It’s okay, the host sister, let this wasteful say one more thing, see what else he can say?”
At this time, the exhibition hall became quiet again, and everyone looked at Ye Fan with sneer and disdain.
They also want to see, it’s up to now, what else can you say about this hillbilly?
On the high stage, Ye Fan faced the crowd, his expression still calm. He cleared his throat, took the microphone, and said lightly: “Well, let’s not hide it from everyone, I really don’t know anything about gambling.”
“However, before leaving, I took a fancy to a stone. Just the one in the corner, I don’t know how much money can be sold?”
“This guy, still buy stones?”
Choosing a stone in the crowd, he thinks he is not enough to be ashamed!
Suddenly, everyone looked at the stone that Ye Fan chose.
After seeing it, many people present laughed immediately.
“A piece of head covering that no one wants, he wants to buy it?”
“Before, I wondered if this young man would really bet on stones. But now it seems that he really knows nothing about rough stones.”
“Don’t be ashamed, get off the stage as soon as possible?”
Everyone laughed.
The host of this jade auction was undoubtedly even more contemptuous of Ye Fan. For his request to buy stones, he didn’t even bother to take care of him and let him go directly.
“Don’t, host sister, since people like this stone and want to show it, let them show it.”
“Anyway, no one wants that stone, and it’s left alone. Since this hillbilly wants it, give it to him.” Qiu Muying obviously didn’t think it was too much of a lively event, but she added to the flames.

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