A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 446

Ye Fan thought for a while: “Wipe it.”
When everyone heard this, they suddenly laughed.
“You’re afraid that you won’t be able to wipe the green until tomorrow!”
“It’s like an idiot!” Li Hongyuan sneered.
Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were waiting for a good show.
Only Qiu Mucheng, Shen Fei and others watched nervously.
Chi Chi Chi ~
At Ye Fan’s insistence, the staff wiped it up according to his request.
The saw blade rubbed the rough stone, but it caused white mist.
However, the white mist did not last long. Just after the staff wiped it for a while, a thick green mist burst out from under the rough stone. First URL m.
In the end, it slowly turned green, and the whole melted away without any cracks!
“This this…”
“What’s this special? Is this green?”
“Fuck, it’s still full of green!!!”
Deathly silence, deathly silence!
After the green appeared, the laughter just stopped abruptly.
All the disdain and ridicule towards Ye Fan disappeared.
The whole exhibition hall was silent. Only the shocked people were left, so frantically gasping.
Later, when the bright green bloomed before everyone’s eyes, everyone present could no longer calm down.
Several people even rushed forward, looking at the full, pure, and noble green jade in front of them, and shouted directly.
“This…this is…”
“Emperor Green!”
“You can’t go wrong, the glass is imperial green!”
“God, it turned out to be a glass imperial green?”
“In my lifetime, Li Hongyuan, I can see the glass, the emperor green!”
“God, so good~”
Li Hongyuan’s roar was like a thousand tons of boulders, smashing into the sea, and for a while, in the audience, set off a monstrous wave.
The emperor is the king of men!
And the emperor green, that is the king of emeralds!
It can be said that the imperial green is the most precious and rarest rare treasure among all jadeites!
The previous Zhengyang green, although also rare. But in the past few decades, Yunzhou Jade Circle has still opened three times.
But the glass imperial green is unique!
“History, Mr. Ye, you made history!”
“Glass is the emperor green. Don’t say in my Yunzhou jade world, even if it is
Jiangdong Yuan Stone World, that is also an earth-shattering feat~”
“God, Mr. Ye is really a god!”
“Emperor green, still glass. This stone, soaring, soaring~”
“Mr. Ye, you have turned over your earnings! You have turned your earnings!”
“More than that, with this stone alone, Mr. Ye, you are enough to rank first in my Yunzhou jadeite rough stone world!”
“There is no one above it, and there are ten thousand people below it~”
The opening of Emperor Green undoubtedly exploded the entire jade exhibition hall.
Many people were full of excitement, countless people kept trembling, and some even burst into tears when they saw the emergence of Emperor Green.
“One billion, I give one billion.”
“Mr. Ye, this emperor green, I will buy one hundred million.”
“Old head Li, you want to buy the glass imperial green for a hundred million. Your heart is too dark?”
“Mr. Ye, I have paid 150 million, this emperor green, sell it to me!”
“I gave one hundred and sixty million!”
“170 million!”
For a time, the audience was a sensation. Countless jewelers all came to rush to bid. Just now, Li Hongyuan, who was full of disdain to belittle Ye Fan, had the loudest bidding voice and the highest enthusiasm.
And Qiu Muying, who was planning to see Ye Fan’s embarrassment, saw this scene as if a muffled thunder struck her forehead. At that time, she was completely stunned and her brain buzzed.
“One…a billion?”
“It’s a waste of money, he’s a few thousand dollars, he opened… a hundred million yuan worth of emeralds?”
“This… how is this possible?”
At this moment, Qiu Muying’s eyes were already red, blood red.
Her pretty face was pale, her eyes staring fiercely, and her whole body could no longer be calm, her body was trembling.
“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible?”
“I have dozens of people in the Qiu family, and all the assets add up to no more than ten or twenty million.”
“He is a hillbilly, humble and contemptuous, how can he make more than one billion in a flash and become a billionaire?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
At this moment, Qiu Muying was almost crazy, she kept growling low, her eyes flushed with blood. Deep in my heart, it was full of jealousy and madness.
She couldn’t accept it at all. She used to look down on her insignificant uselessness. Her poorest relative is now a billionaire, richer than her?
She was even more unacceptable. The Qiu Mucheng family, who had been trampled under their feet, had a better life than her?

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