A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 447

For Qiu Muying, the most painful thing in life is to see the people she once looked down upon and live better than her and richer than their family.
But now Ye Fan is no different.
Glass kind of king green!
That’s something worth hundreds of millions.
Even if Qiu Muying married Chu Wenfei and became the wealthy wife of Kuo, no matter how rich the Chu family was, it was Chu Wenfei’s father.
At least for now, it doesn’t belong to Chu Wenfei at all.
In other words, the assets that the Qiu Muying family can now control are only a few million when they are full.
Now Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan have suddenly become billionaires, far richer than their family, and even the entire Qiu family can’t match them. Of course, Qiu Muying jealous!
No one can understand the angry and jealous mood of Qiu Muying at this time, and the whole person is almost crazy.
Especially now, the price of the glass imperial green is still being pushed up. Seeing that it has exceeded 200 million, Qiu Muying’s jealous eyes are bleeding.
However, even if this emperor green was pushed up to such a sky-high price, Ye Fan still didn’t have any plans to sell, and he looked like he was ready to sell, only saying that he had no plans to go out yet. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Mr. Ye, do you think the price is low? As long as you can make a deal, we can discuss everything.” Li Hongyuan was anxious, for fear that he would miss it this time, and the emperor green jade would be snatched by others.
After all, this kind of emperor green jade is completely unforgettable and has extremely high collection value. Moreover, even if you don’t collect it and sell it as a bracelet, any one can be sold at a high price of tens of millions of billions. What’s more, the green that Ye Fan opened was not small, and it was more than enough for two or three sets of bracelets.
Even if it is bought for 200 million, it will be profitable!
These rare things are entirely the selling market. How much is the price? Isn’t it the seller’s final say?
Therefore, as far as these wealthy businessmen are concerned, as long as they can photograph this imperial green from Ye Fan’s hands, that is a profit!
But Ye Fan didn’t enter the oil and salt, and he didn’t mean to make a move. Li Hongyuan had no choice but to find another way and use the means of favor to lobby Ye Fan.
Therefore, Li Hongyuan found Shen Fei immediately, with a friendly smile on his face: “Nephew Shen Fei, Mr. Ye is your friend? Seeing my relationship with your dad, you do me a favor and tell me about it. Love, persuade your friend, let him sell me that piece of emperor green, even if you give me half of it.”
“Your Uncle Li really likes this green~”
“Nephew Shen Fei, you help uncle.” Li Hongyuan’s posture was very low this time, completely begging for help, where there was the slightest arrogance and arrogance just now.
Shen Fei suddenly laughed, and then shook his head teasingly: “No way, no way, Uncle Li. I can’t get too close to him. He is a hillbilly, with a humble status, and walking too close to him will not only drop prices, but also lose my dad. people.”
“So Uncle Li, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help with this task. I have to listen to you, and I will go far away with Brother Fan in the future, cut off contact, and break off friendship directly.”
“This kind of poor boy in the country doesn’t even have the qualifications to let us talk, let alone beg him to do something under his breath?”
Shen Fei followed the way Li Hongyuan had despised Ye Fan just now, and said with a serious mind.
Li Hongyuan knew that Shen Fei was ridiculing him. His old face was red at the time, and he knew he was ashamed. He lowered his head and said bitterly, “Nephew Shen Fei, don’t tease you, Uncle Li. I was wrong and I was wrong. Isn’t it okay?”
“My dog ​​sees people, but I don’t know Taishan.”
“But nephew Shen Fei, don’t tell Mr. Ye what you said just now, otherwise I’m really out of play~”
“Even if Uncle begs you!”

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