A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 45

The Shanshui Hall is silent.
The dim lights fell, and Ye Fan stood still on the high platform. In front of him, a dozen big men stood in two rows, even Xu Lei, waiting respectfully.
Seeing the scene before them, everyone was dumbfounded, staring at the scene in disbelief.
“This this..”
“Twenty million in cash?”
“Mr Xu personally came to send it?”
“I’m going to special!”
“Who is this brother?”
“Could it be that the super rich is not a success?”
At this moment, the entire hall suddenly exploded. Many people trembled and lost their voices.
All the previous disdain and ridicule disappeared, and what was left in his eyebrows was a deep shock and amazement. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
They didn’t expect that this simple man in front of them would really have such wealth?
“When did Mr. Chu get involved with Xu Lei, female 683828c9?”
Not only the people outside, but in the private room, Li Er almost split his eyes when he saw the scene before him.
In Yunzhou City, there are not many people who make Li Er jealous, but Xu Lei is definitely one of them.
This woman is not only strong in her wrists, but also in her background. She is also the head of the Yunzhou branch of Hongqi Bank, and she has a lot of wealth. If this kind of person gets a piece with Mr. Xiao Chu, one is rich and the other is powerful, then Yunzhou probably won’t have anything to do with him, Li Er.
Therefore, now that Xu Lei and Ye Fan have come together, Li Er naturally has a stomachache. Without saying anything, he ran out to say hello to Ye Fan.
“That’s a scrap card, how could he really have to withdraw so much money?”
“This money must be fake!”
“It must be fake.”
Lin Qian has never been able to accept the reality before her eyes. She ran up with red eyes, screaming sharply, trying to verify the authenticity of the money.
“I’ll go to Nima!”
“Does Mr. Chu dare to offend things that don’t have eyes?”
As soon as Lin Qian ran to the stage, she was slapped by Li Eryi who followed. Then Li Eryi smiled flatly and greeted Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu, you are shocked.”
When Xu Lei saw Li Er, she was slightly surprised in her beautiful eyes. Obviously, she was also surprised how Li Er was here, and it seemed that she still knew Ye Fan.
“Isn’t that the second master of Yunzhou Li?”
“He is actually here?”
“Is it so respectful to that man?”
The appearance of Li Er once again caused quite a stir among the crowd.
“Xu Lei and Second Master, can you get Yunzhou with one person?”
“The person in front of you has both of them, so in the future, how can you look down on Jiangdong province!”
“Mom, who is this Mr. Chu!”
“Let’s Yunzhou, when did such a man come here?”
Looking at the young man who made Xu Lei and Li Er treat each other respectfully on the high platform, the crowd here just felt incredible.
Many women even stared at Venus and looked at Ye Fan’s adoration.
“Married, marry this!”
As for the auctioneer Wang Lulu, she was even more scared to pee at this time, and she was beating her whole body.
God, who did she offend just now?
Wang Lulu was almost insane, she could not wait to kick Lin Qian’s bitch woman to death. If she hadn’t been in that nonsense and chaotic rhythm, how could she question Mr. Chu, let alone let the security guard Ye Fan leave.
“This is a big deal~”
Wang Lulu was pale and walked towards Ye Fan with a wry smile.
“Mr. Chu, just now…”
“Don’t, I’m a dick, Mr. Chu can’t bear the name, you’d better let the security guard drive me away.” Ye Fan said in a deep voice, and Wang Lulu was frightened when she heard this.

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