A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 46

“Mr. Chu, I… how dare I, misunderstanding, it was all misunderstanding just now.”
Wang Lulu was almost crying, and finally turned to Xu Lei for help.
She often dealt with Xu Lei, and it was considered to be some friendship. At this time, I hope Xu Lei can help her to say something nice.
“Huh? Miss Wang, you are here too!” Xu Lei was slightly surprised.
Wang Lulu cried all the time, dare to feel that Xu Lei just pushed her aside without even seeing herself.
“However, I offended Mr. Chu. I can’t help you either.” Xu Lei slumped her hands, expressing that she couldn’t help.
Wang Lulu was even more desperate.
But Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to her anymore, she was just a small character, and Ye Fan didn’t bother to see her. He just nodded to Li Er and Xu Lei, and then walked forward. There, Lin Qian covered her face and lay down like a dog.
Ye Fan was condescending, his indifferent gaze fell: “You and I have no grudges, but you should not humiliate Mucheng.”
“Because she is my wife.” Remember to read for a second
Ye Fan’s faint words made Lin Qian’s eyes suddenly widened.
Her eyes were full of horror, her brain was pale with a bang, and there was a storm in her heart?
Could it be that the mysterious Mr. Chu in front of him… is the son-in-law of the Qiu family and Qiu Mucheng’s husband?
At this moment, Lin Qian trembled, and her heart was frustrated for an instant.
After a while, Lin Qian smiled with tears, her eyes full of self-deprecation, and she only felt that life had made her a huge joke.
She had always thought that the person Qiu Mucheng married was a trash, an incompetent and incompetent, she would be trampled under her feet forever in the future. Until now, Lin Qian finally knew that she was wrong, they were all wrong.
The person whom Qiu Mucheng married was the real big shot.
“Mucheng, congratulations~~”
All Lin Qian’s pride was undoubtedly shattered in this instant.
She thought that after she married Wang Yu, she had already trampled Qiu Mucheng under her feet.
Now it seems that everything is a joke.

The auction was over, and everyone left one after another. At this time, Ye Fan had entered a private room with Li Er and was discussing matters here. However, Xu Lei’s woman also followed in.
“Mr. Xu, I have something to discuss with Mr. Chu, do you think?” He invited Ye Fan to come here tonight to get closer. He naturally didn’t want Xu Lei to participate in it, so he immediately issued an order to evict the guests.
Ye Fan smiled slightly: “Forget it, since Mr. Xu is here, let’s have a meal together.”
“I heard that Erye and Mr. Xu are powerful and wealthy, and they each occupy half of the sky in Yunzhou.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly while tasting tea.
When Li Er and Xu Lei heard this, they were ashamed, and quickly explained that they were all people outside without knowing the situation.
“How dare to talk about power in front of Mr. Xiao Chu? How dare to talk about wealth?”
Li Er and Xu Lei both declined.
Both Li Er and Xu Lei knew Ye Fan’s details.
He is of the Chu family, his father is the head of the Chu family, and he himself is the only descendant of the Tianzi generation. Hongqi Bank opened a branch in Yunzhou for him.
In terms of power and wealth, it is not Yunzhou City. I am afraid that no one can compare with the Chu family in the entire China!
“Invite me tonight, isn’t it just as simple as eating?”
“If you have any requirements, let’s just say it.” Ye Fan didn’t stop on this topic, took a sip of tea, and said slowly.

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