A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 450

“Mr. Ye, please stay~”
The auctioneer Lin Mei’er screamed to Ye Fan while trotting, but the sweet voice was refreshing.
Hearing the call, Ye Fan stopped and turned to look. But maybe Lin Meier ran too fast, couldn’t stop the car for a while, staggered a few times, and finally groaned softly before jumping directly into Ye Fan’s arms.
With the beauty in his arms, Ye Fan only felt two soft touches on his chest, which made him almost suffocated.
Don’t think about it, such a “fierce” weapon must have belonged to this Lin Meier in his arms.
But at the moment when the beauty entered his arms, Ye Fan only felt a pair of eyes behind him, like ice skates, and then put them on Ye Fan’s neck.
It seems that if Ye Fan does anything wrong in the next step, this ice skate will directly penetrate him.
Ye Fan shuddered at that time, moved back quickly, and helped auctioneer Lin Meier from his arms.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Mr. Ye, I’m so sorry, I ran too quickly.” Lin Meier apologized quickly, her pretty face flushed with shame.
When Ye Fan saw this, he just chuckled, and then asked nonchalantly: “The auction is over. I wonder if you have anything else to do with me, miss? Didn’t you pay you for my stone?” Remember the website http: //m. Kanshu8. nest
“No, no, Mr. Ye, you are misunderstood. You can offer the Emperor Green at our auction. This is also a good thing for our Diyang Jewelry Company. We helped us put up a wave of advertisements for free. That rough stone, even if we It should be given to Mr. Ye.”
Today’s auction was jointly organized by Diyang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Yunzhou Rough Stone Association. Most of the rough stones were provided by Diyang Jewelry Co., Ltd.
“In order to express our gratitude, our manager asked Mr. Ye to come to the front to express his gratitude in person. At the same time, the manager also expressed his willingness to purchase this imperial green jade at a high price. Mr. Ye also asked not to refuse.
Lin Meier spoke softly, her words tactfully, but they were particularly pleasant to the ear. As he spoke, Rushui eyes looked at Ye Fan idiotically.
That kind of look, like a woman in spring, can be described as charming and charming.
“Oh oh. Go back and tell you the manager, thank you no need, everyone has what you need, and no one owes anyone. As for this jadeite, I have no intention to sell this jade. I will contact you when it is sold. We will contact you. If there is something else, let’s go first.” Ye Fan replied lightly, but he was obviously not interested, and he was leaving after speaking.
Ye Fan’s reaction undoubtedly made Lin Mei’er slightly surprised.
She is well aware of the temptation to men for her appearance conditions.
She originally thought that with her charm, Ye Fan would never be able to withstand a vigorous man.
But Lin Mei’er didn’t expect that Ye Fan would directly refuse, even from the beginning to the end, except for her deliberate physical contact just now, Ye Fan didn’t even look at her at all, and did not show anything to her. interest of.
“I don’t believe it anymore. With my charm, I can’t convince a countryman?”
Lin Meier did not stop, chasing up again, Yushou even directly grabbed Ye Fan’s arm, and while talking, she gently scrubbed Ye Fan’s arm with her soft breast: “Mr. Is it okay to save face? Just go to meet with our manager, otherwise, the manager will blame me.”
“Big deal, tonight on the Mid-Autumn Festival, I will accompany Mr. Ye to admire the moon and spend tonight together to thank Mr. Ye for his favor.”
Lin Meier’s words were soft, and a pair of beautiful eyes were secretly sent to Ye Fan Qiubo. The graceful body is swaying coquettishly, like a seductive beauty snake.
The majestic Shen Fei and Han Shaojie both looked straight and couldn’t help swallowing.
Ma De, this woman is a fairy!

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