A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 454

“Mr. Chen, there is no way, who made Mr. Chu from Yunzhou.”
“As Mr. Chu’s hometown, what’s wrong with Mr. Chu?” Li Lao Er tilted his legs and sat on the sofa and said triumphantly.
“Okay, Mr. Chen, don’t say anything, I should be busy.”
“The evening’s auction is about to begin, and Mr. Chu probably should be there too. I have to go to meet him.”
“Hang up~”
Before the other party could answer, Li’s second hung up the phone, and then began to prepare for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival night auction.
Chen Ao on the other end of the phone was almost furious: “This second Li, isn’t he the light of Mr. Chu’s hometown, he is bullish?”
“Nan Nan, give Dad some anger and try to turn Mr. Chu into my son-in-law.”
“At that time, I will become Mr. Chu’s father-in-law and Jiang Hai will become Mr. Chu’s wife’s maiden. I don’t think the second Li Er can dance yet?”
“I’m really mad at me!” Remember to read the book for a second
“Damn, I haven’t suffered this kind of anger for so many years!”
Chen Ao was so angry that he said angrily after hanging up the phone.
Chen Nan on the side gave a wry smile: “Dad, Xiaofan’s brother has a wife. Even if you want to be Xiaofan’s father-in-law, you have no chance.”
“What’s wrong with the marriage? You can leave after you get married! Only if you are willing to work hard, there is no corner in this world that can’t be digged.” Chen Ao glared, then replied.
Chen Nan: “……”
Chen Nan was speechless and shook his head and smiled bitterly. I thought to myself that my dad is crazy, right?
At this time, Ye Fan had just left the original stone exhibition hall, leaving Lin Meier alone, standing there with a pale face. Even if Qiu Mucheng had already gone far, but recalling the scene just now, Lin Meier still had lingering fears.
But now is not the time to think about this, the manager’s account has been messed up, so she naturally has to rush to report to their manager.
“what did you say?”
“That country boy, refused?”
In the room, a middle-aged man asked with a sullen face.
In front of him, Lin Meier’s face was drooping and she said in fear, but she didn’t even dare to make a loud voice: “Yes, the manager. He said he wants to accompany his wife and doesn’t have time.”
“What about the imperial green that he took from us? How can he say that he promised to sell it to us?” Manager Meng He asked gloomily again.
Lin Meier still shook her head: “He said, he didn’t mean to shoot.”
As soon as Lin Meier’s words fell, the angry Meng He immediately slapped the tea table in front of him with a palm.
“This hillbilly, give him a face!”
“The things I took from my Diyang Jewelry Store, I bought them back with money, it was enough to give him a face.”
“But I didn’t expect this hillbilly to be shameless.”
3f9fe88a “If that’s the case, don’t blame me Meng He for being polite.”
“Dipped into our Diyang Jewelry Store so big and cheap, two thousand dollars to buy my 200 million imperial green, how can there be such good things in the world?”
“What belongs to my jewelry business, I have to get it back!”
Meng He’s words were gloomy, and there was a strong chill on his gloomy face.
Although Meng He did not appear at the previous rough auction, he has always been watching behind the scenes.
The stone bought for a few thousand yuan made Ye Fan open the emperor green, and even the onlookers were jealous, let alone Meng He, who sold this rough stone.
Meng He’s eyes were red when he saw Ye Fan’s emperor green.
Several hundred million worth of things were sold by him for several thousand yuan. One can imagine how jealous and angry Meng He was.
“If it’s this hillbilly, I will accept it when I see it, and I will let our Diyang Jewelry Company buy it back. I don’t mind letting him make this one hundred million. However, since this guy doesn’t know good or bad, I can’t blame Meng He for being cruel. Up.”
“Meier, go, call the tiger to me, and say I have something to look for him.”
Meng He said coldly, but no one knew what plan was brewing in the middle-aged man at this time.

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