A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 455

“What, Brother Fan, are you willing to sell us Shen’s jewelry with this emperor green?” Ye Fan and Shen Fei and the others were talking while walking.
Shen Fei was undoubtedly mad when he heard that Ye Fan was willing to sell this piece of emperor green to their Shen family.
The emperor green is a treasure that can not be found. The Shen Group has been buying for many years but still has not been able to acquire a piece of emperor green. Now if she can buy a piece of emperor green for their Shen family, then not only his father will be happy, the whole Shen People in the group would look at him with admiration, maybe even his embezzlement of public funds would not be held accountable by his father.
“Don’t be happy too early. What I’m talking about is that the things I asked you to build will only be given to you by Shen’s jewelry after the build is completed.” Ye Fan looked at Shen Fei looking like he had found a treasure He shook his head and smiled, added.
“Brother Fan, remember.”
“Don’t worry, if you let me do something, I will definitely go all out. Ask the best craftsmen in the jewelry industry to do it. At that time, I promise to make the most noble jade jewelry and give my sister-in-law a big surprise! ”
Shen Fei laughed. Although Ye Fan said that he would give them the leftover material after using it up, it was enough.
After all, the emperor green that Ye Fan drove was not small, and the things Ye Fan wanted were only half used. The remaining half is enough for their Shen’s jewelry.
As for the asking price, Shen Fei also promised that he would definitely give Ye Fan a fair price to buy this imperial green.
For things like money, Ye Fan didn’t care much about how Shen Fei operated. First URL m.
“Master Shen, do you want to store this rough stone?”
While talking, Shen Fei, Ye Fan and others had already arrived at the front desk of the hall.
Naturally, Ye Fan and the others couldn’t carry it with them. Not to mention there is a risk of fragility, dozens of kilograms of things are enough to get in the way, and they simply store them at the front desk of the hall for the staff to take care of. “Excuse me, in whose name is the deposit?” the staff asked again.
Shen Fei looked at Ye Fan and asked Ye Fan’s opinion.
Ye Fan said, “Let’s store it in the name of my wife Qiu Mucheng.”
“Okay, before closing tonight, Ms. Qiu Mucheng will pick up her ID with me.” The staff said politely.
After that, Ye Fan and his party left the front desk and headed to the highest level of the hall to participate in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival night auction.
However, when Ye Fan and the others left, they didn’t even notice. The two men who were reading the newspaper at the side originally called after Ye Fan and the others left.
“Brother Meng, there was an accident. After they left the original stone exhibition hall, they did not leave the hall and go home immediately. Instead, they stored the rough stone at the front desk of the hall. They have now been locked in the safe.” The scarred man lowered his voice, right. The person on the phone whispered.
“You said the hillbilly left the rough stone at the front desk of the clubhouse?”
“What’s the matter, are you exposed?” Meng He frowned and asked extremely unhappy.
The scar man shook his head: “Brother Meng, it’s impossible. We are very careful all the way. We will never be exposed. It should be because they still have things temporarily and it is inconvenient to bring the rough stone, so we store it.”
“Brother Meng, what do we do now? Are we going to rush up and pry the safe?”

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