A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 458

Elder Qiu also shook his head: “Yingying, what you said is good, but one size fits one size. Now, it is Qiu Mucheng and his family who are not filial. But if we pretend to take it, it will be passed out, and it will be our Qiu family who is not responsible. .”
“It’s not worth it to do something that violates moral principles for a stone that is not worth a few dollars.”
Father Qiu obviously disagrees.
Jiang Hong and others also echoed: “Yes, Yingying, just a broken stone. Even if the jadeite is sold, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Because of this, the Qiu Mucheng family cannot make a fortune and cannot turn over. Stone, let someone pierce the backbone?”
Like Mr. Qiu, Jiang Hong and others have never touched the rough jadeite. They only think that it is a broken stone, and it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to die. This little money is not enough, of course they can’t see it.
However, Qiu Muying’s next sentence was to silence the entire Qiu family.
“Second aunt, who told you that it was a broken stone.”
“That’s a rough jadeite with imperial green in glass!”
“You don’t understand rough stones, so you don’t know how precious this rough stone is.”
“But I can tell you that within a few minutes after the rough stone came out, dozens of rich people bid for it.”
“The highest, the asking price is nearly 200 million!” The first website m.
Dead still.
Deathly quiet.
The entire Qiu family’s old house was silent for a moment, and the needle drop could be heard.
The old man Qiu raised his head, Qiu Guang and others’ eyes widened, Jiang Hong, Wang Qiaoyu and the like were shaking all over, his eyes were red, and he gasped in madness.
“Yingying, you…you said that stone is worth…worth two hundred million?”
“This… is this true?” Jiang Hong, Qiu Guang and others could no longer be calm, and Old Man Qiu himself was stunned.
Two hundred million, for this kind of third-rate small family, is enough to be a huge sum of money.
Qiu Muying nodded heavily in front of everyone in the Qiu family: “It’s true!”
“My husband was also there, if you don’t believe me, you can ask my husband.”
Qiu Muying said again.
At this time, the entire Qiu Family House was quiet.
No one spoke, but there was no peace in everyone’s hearts.
Two hundred million, if this rough stone can really be obtained, how much does their Qiu family score per room?
“Dad, I think Yingying was right about what Yingying said before.”
“This Qiu Muying has eaten our Qiu family and drank our Qiu family for more than 20 years. During this period, it has brought countless disasters to our Qiu family. If it weren’t for their drag, our Qiu family would have long been among the first-class in Yunzhou. family.”
“She owes us too much. The rough emerald stone is considered to be the interest she paid back to our Qiu family. We deserve it.” Jiang Hong said with emotions ups and downs.
Wang Qiaoyu also immediately echoed.
Qiu Guang and the others also looked at Mr. Qiu, and they all said that Qiu Muying’s words made sense.
Father Qiu was silent for a long time. Finally, he finally nodded: “Not to mention whether she owes it or not. After all, her Qiu Mucheng is a descendant of my Qiu family, and what is left in her bones is my Qiu family’s blood. The emerald rough stone belongs to her. It belongs to the Qiu family. Before deciding what to do with the rough stone, it is better to take this thing back to the Qiu family and store it properly. It will not be ruined in their hands.”
“Qiu Guang, you can get your household registration book in your room and go with Yingying. Remember, you can safely bring the jade rough stone back and how to deal with it, I will talk about it later.”
“Okay, Dad!” Qiu Guang nodded immediately, and then proceeded according to Father Qiu’s intention.
Before the Qiu family was not separated, all the household registration pages of the family were kept here. Qiu Mucheng’s family is no exception.
“Dad, I will follow.” Jiang Hong shouted.
“And me, hundreds of millions of things, more people can take care of it.” The wife of the old five family also followed.
After all, there are people from the old family and the fourth family. The second and fifth family will naturally not sit around. What if the emperor green jade is swallowed by them?
There are too many people to avoid intrigue. Elder Qiu couldn’t help it, and in the end let each family send a person to follow and go to the Shanshui Hall with Qiu Muying.

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