A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 459

When Qiu Muying took the Qiu family to the Shanshui Guild Hall, Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng had already arrived at the entrance of the Mid-Autumn Night Auction.
“Cici, why isn’t this guy coming? 03089928”
“The auction is about to begin.”
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were still waiting at the door. Before Susie left, Qiu Mucheng was waiting for her to go in.
But seeing that it has been waiting for half an hour, Qiu Mucheng was embarrassed to let Shen Fei and the others wait with them here. Ten minutes ago, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie were already allowed to go in, and now only left Xia Ye Fan was here alone.
However, Qiu Mucheng had obviously run out of patience. After several phone calls, Susie did not answer, so angry that Qiu Mucheng was not ready to wait for her to go in first.
“Orange, I’m here, wait for me~”
“I’m going, I’m exhausted.”
“Fortunately caught up~”
At this moment, a beautiful shadow was long overdue.
Susie ran over, panting, sweating on Qiao’s face. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Cici, what did you do, come now?” Qiu Mucheng complained.
Susie was still breathing. After a long break, she replied: “Mucheng, do you remember the lady we met when we were in the mall the other day?”
“It’s the Han Wenxue who sells your outfield tickets for a million.”
“Well, remember, why did you mention her suddenly.” Naturally, Qiu Mucheng hadn’t forgotten what happened that day. If it hadn’t been for someone to suddenly send her an infield ticket, I’m afraid that Qiu Mucheng would really have a face that day. Therefore, Qiu Mucheng was quite impressed with that so-called rich lady that day.
“Mucheng, let me tell you, that Han Wenxue, didn’t I tell you before that his husband is the boss of the company? They’re done.”
“In the past two days, his husband was found to have committed financial crimes, and he went to jail. Even the company declared bankruptcy. The assets were sealed up, and the villas he lived in were publicly auctioned for repayment. I’m in arrears.”
“Then Han Wenxue, she has become a bereavement dog. How about calling me to borrow some travel expenses to go back to her family?”
As Susie said, she shook her head and sighed.
“You said that this person’s situation really changes rapidly~”
“A few days ago, I was a wealthy wife, a wealthy lady, and even flaunted her power in front of us, but now, we can’t even collect the travel expenses to return to her natal family.”
“Nuo Da’s company, it fell down.”
“This person, in front of the state machinery and the law, is really too small and too fragile. Mucheng, we must never do things that violate the law and discipline in the future.”
“But to be honest, although the appearance of the Han Wenxue villain before was quite disgusting, but seeing her pitiful and miserable just now, to be honest, it was really intolerable.”
“I tried my best to climb up. In the end, the junior high was finally able to sit on the rich wife, but after enjoying this good day for long, he fell back to his original form again.”

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