A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 464

In the supreme private room, Qiu Mucheng and Su Qian were already terrified.
Especially Susie, she didn’t expect that Ye Fan, a hillbilly, would dare to bid 8 million to bid.
“Do you have so much money?”
“You poor boy, dare to bid eight million?”
“Are you deliberately making trouble?”
“What kind of occasion, you don’t want to live anymore!”
Su Qian shouted at Ye Fan, shocked and angry.
Qiu Mucheng was also puzzled, and she glared at Ye Fan, “Ye Fan, what are you doing?”
“What are you going to do with wild ginseng?”
“Don’t you need ginseng to make up for your weakness and weakness?”
Ye Fan replied faintly: “I just want it, I haven’t eaten it, I want to buy it and taste it. Don’t worry, since I dare to shoot, I can naturally pay for it.”
“You don’t need to care about this matter, and you can’t care about it. This is a war between men.”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng was almost mad at Ye Fan.
The emperor green will go to the sky soon?
If you have money, you can’t squander it!
But Qiu Mucheng obviously couldn’t stop Ye Fan. After Sun Yuhao bid again, Ye Fan also increased the price to 9 million!
“Which bastard?”
“Dare to snatch things from Master Ben 69309244!”
Sun Yuhao was already angry at this time. Looking around, he deliberately wanted to find the bidder, but he was obviously disappointed.
The source of the sound was a high room, and he couldn’t see the people inside.
However, Sun Yuhao is not a person who concedes defeat easily. He directly bids for 10 million yuan, and at the same time said to the private room on the upper floor: “Friend, give face.”
“My grandfather is weak and weak, and needs this wild ginseng urgently. If my friends can make it happen, my grandparents, Sun Yuhao, are grateful!
Sun Yuhao deliberately emphasized the word Jiang Hai.
After all, Jiang Hai is the capital of Jiangdong Province. He believes that his identity is enough to make the other party afraid of three points.
However, Sun Yuhao obviously thinks too much.
As soon as his words fell, the voice continued: “12 million!”
As if a slap was slapped on the face, Sun Yuhao’s old face blushed, and his whole body was shaking with popularity.
In the private room, Ye Fan sneered in his heart.
Return Jiang Hai Sun’s house?
Sun Woo Ho?
Ma De, I hit you in the face!
“One thousand~” At this time, Sun Yuhao obviously couldn’t swallow this breath, and there was still a bidding, but was stopped by Mr. Li on the side.
“Master, business matters. We have already spent a lot of money on the original stone, so we can no longer squander it at will.”
In the end, under the persuasion of Mr. Li, Sun Yuhao gave up the bidding, and the century-old wild ginseng fell into the hands of Ye Fan.
But Ye Fan, who had photographed this wild ginseng as he wished, was definitely not easy at this time.
Both Qiu Mucheng and Susie were reprimanding him.
“Damn, over ten million, would you dare to shout?”
“What do you think you are?”
“The rich and powerful? Or the old wealth of the landlord?”
“You are a poor boy in the country, what are you going to buy?”
“At that time, I can’t get the money. Isn’t it my Mucheng who pitted you?”
“Standing on your idiot husband, Mucheng has lost her eighth lifetime!” Su Qian was so angry that Ye Fan couldn’t help scolding.
He is a hillbilly who wants money but no money, and has no power. He even dared to wrestle with the rich and young in this kind of venue.
What is he doing?
Does he want to go to heaven?
However, facing Susie’s questioning, Ye Fan said lightly: “I have my own method for money matters, and you don’t need to worry about it. As for the ten million, I can still afford it.”

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