A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 463

“At that time, if we take pictures of Mr. Chu’s things, we will have a relationship with Mr. Chu. Maybe we can see it in the future?” Qiu Mucheng persuaded from the side.
At first, Qiu Mucheng wanted to come to this Mid-Autumn Night auction, but actually wanted to meet that Mr. Chu to verify the crazy idea in her heart.
But now, Qiu Mucheng suddenly became less persistent.
No matter who Mr. Chu is, she only needs to know Ye Fan or Ye Fan.
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng’s gaze was quietly looking at the man aside.
I saw Ye Fan, from beginning to end, it was so quiet.
Listening quietly to their girlfriends’ speeches, quietly watching the rich people bidding below.
“The thing auctioned below is a 500-year-old wild ginseng.”
“As we all know, wild ginseng is a nourishing treasure, not only has the effect of prolonging life, but also has the function of nourishing kidney.”
“Ordinary wild ginseng has such an effect, not to mention this century-old treasure?” Remember to read the book for one second
“These kinds of tonic products are available for men and women, suitable for all ages.”
“Starting price, four million~”
The loud voice of the auctioneer resounded throughout the auction hall.
“Huh?” Hearing this, Sun Yuhao, who had closed his eyes and rested, slowly opened his eyes and smiled to himself, “Unexpectedly, there are such rare things in this auction. .”
“This wild ginseng, this young master is going to order!”
Sun Yuhao smiled proudly and immediately bid and bid: “4.5 million!”
“Five million~”
With the fierce competition, the price of this wild ginseng was soon topped to six million.
“Seven million!” Sun Yuhao drank again, and the majestic and domineering voice swept the audience.
As Sun Yuhao shouted out the price, the original bidders all died down.
Although this century-old mountain ginseng is rare, the price of 7 million is already a premium. If it continues to catch up, it will be worthless.
Seeing that the bidder was gone, Sun Yuhao’s mouth suddenly showed a winner-like smile, as if the wild ginseng had already been in his hands.
“Brother Yuhao, aren’t these things for middle-aged and old people to replenish their bodies? What are you doing with this?” At this moment, Han Feifei asked.
Sun Yuhao’s face changed slightly, and after thinking about it for a moment, he replied, “Oh, it’s okay, I bought it for my grandfather. As you grow old, you can’t have less supplements.”
“Wow, Brother Yuhao is so filial~” Han Feifei was flattered again.
But how did she know that Sun Yuhao bought this thing for herself.
Few people know that Sun Yuhao has some obstacles in sexual function. Back then, his first girlfriend broke up because Sun Yuhao couldn’t satisfy her in this regard.
This incident has always been an eternal pain in Sun Yuhao’s heart. After so many years, Sun Yuhao has been making up for it, but he has not seen any results.
Now that I heard that the century-old wild ginseng has a miraculous effect in replenishing the kidney’s profit and loss, it is related to the happiness of the future marriage. Of course, Sun Yuhao will take this wild ginseng at any cost.
As for why you lied to Han Feifei just now, isn’t this nonsense? Who is embarrassed to talk about this kind of thing?
“Isn’t there a higher bid?”
“In that case, this century-old wild ginseng…” The auctioneer looked around the audience, his loud voice echoed in everyone’s ears.
However, just when Sun Yuhao thought that the wild ginseng had been in his hands, suddenly a voice came out quietly.
“I pay eight million!”
As soon as he said this, Sun Yuhao’s old face sank, his smile suddenly stagnated.
“What are you doing d848943b?”
“Are you crazy?”

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