A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 470

After that, Susie called her father and told Su Yuanshan about the situation in the auction.
“Dad, this is an opportunity. Our Su family must not miss it.” Su Qian persuaded again and again.
On the other end of the phone, Su Yuanshan was silent for a long time, and finally solemnly said: “Okay, Cici. I will give you 100 million now, and I will bid for this opportunity!”
“It’s up to you whether our Su family can be among the first-class forces in Yunzhou in one fell swoop.”
“Okay, Dad. Daughter, she will live up to expectations!” Susie was undoubtedly happy after receiving her father’s support. After vowed to guarantee, he once again joined the fierce competition below.
Ten million~
20 million~
30 million~
50 million ~ First URL m.
The auction item, which originally started at one yuan, is now climbing frantically at an extremely terrifying speed, and is about to rush into the 100 million yuan mark.
Li Er looked at it from the side, and found it incredible.
Obviously, he didn’t expect that it was originally just a gimmick at the auction, but now it is so sought after.
After all, he still underestimated the status of Mr. Chu in the hearts of everyone in Jiangdong.
But think about it, who is Mr. Chu, the sky of Jiangdong, and Chen Ao of Jianghai are all respected as gods.
If such a person can gain a relationship, the benefits they can bring cannot be measured by money.
What’s more, for those who are doing it, money is only a number for them, and you can make more money without it.
But the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with Mr. Chu was missed, and maybe it will never be.
This kind of unforgettable opportunity cannot be measured by money. The value depends on the steelyard in everyone’s heart.
“One hundred million!”
Finally, someone stood up and pushed the auction price to 100 million.
In the private room, Susie’s pretty face turned white.
She never expected that other people would attach such importance to this opportunity.
But Susie didn’t want to give up, and finally called her father again.
“Fifty million!”
“Cici, I’ll give you another fifty million.”
“This is my final limit.”
“If you still can’t get it, you can only give up. Our family’s financial resources are ultimately limited.” Su Yuanshan said solemnly.
Susie nodded and continued to bid.
But it was useless, and the auction price soon exceeded 150 million.
At that moment, Susie’s pretty face was as pale as paper, and the whole figure was as if she was relieved, and she sat listlessly on the sofa, her eyes flushed: “Mucheng, what should I do?”
“Do you really want to give up?”
“But we have already missed it once, and we will miss it again this time. I am afraid that there will be no chance again.”
Almost all Susie’s voice was choked. It can be seen how she longed for this opportunity?
Seeing this, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t bear it.
Finally, Qiu Mucheng gritted her teeth and said to Susie: “Cici, I will help you!”
“But you must make sure that when you meet Mr. Chu, you will help me ask him a few questions.”
“Huh?” Susie was taken aback at the time, “Mucheng, how can you help me? Do you have so much money?”
“I don’t have one, but he does.” Qiu Mucheng looked aside.
Susie’s gaze also followed.
On the sofa, Ye Fan was playing with his phone with Erlang’s legs tilted, and when he heard his name being called, he suddenly raised his head in confusion, with a dull look: “Huh? Mucheng, what’s the matter? Is the auction over? Are we going to Going home?”
Ye Fan thought that the auction was over, Qiu Mucheng called him to go home, and stood up and was about to go outside.

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