A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 472

But at this time, Ye Fan suddenly uttered his congratulations to Sun Yuhao.
When everyone heard this, they were very clear. So far, no one is there to bid.
Sun Yuhao, the last laugh!
“Congratulations, Master Sun, for getting this “opportunity” and becoming the brightest star in the auction tonight!”
Li Er stepped onto the high platform and also congratulated Sun Yuhao.
For a time, the audience applauded, this time the applause was for Sun Yuhao.
After all, his magnanimity and heroism really conquered everyone.
Of course, this does not mean that other people can’t spend 200 million.
However, most of the people present here are businessmen who will only make a profit when they are profitable. A chance to have dinner together with two hundred million to buy, many people feel that the premium is too high and it is not worth it.
In the end, this opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Chu fell into Sun Yuhao’s hands.
At this time, Sun Yuhao, feeling the thunderous applause of everyone and the eyes of the audience, suddenly became energetic. He stood up, looked at the heights with a victor’s gaze, with that arrogant look, as if to show off his victory. Remember to read in one second
“Brother Yuhao is great~”
“I’ve said it a long time ago. The last laugh is definitely my brother Yuhao.”
“How can the rich in this small town compare with my brother Yuhao, no matter how rich?” Han Feifei applauded, her eyes full of admiration.
Han Hai also expressed his sincere congratulations like Sun Yuhao.
In the private room, looking at the majestic Sun Yuhao below, Ye Fan couldn’t laugh or cry.
He really didn’t expect that this opportunity would be photographed by Sun Yuhao.
While Ye Fan smiled bitterly, Susie sat listlessly on the sofa like an eggplant that Shuang beat. In that way, it’s like losing the whole world, and life is gloomy.
Qiu Mucheng comforted from the side, “Cici, it will be long in the future, and there must be a chance in the future.”
Susie didn’t speak, just sat there alone, her pretty face looked so haggard.
Up to now, the auction had ended, and Qiu Mucheng and the others got up and prepared to leave.
At this time, Li Er called Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu, the auction is over. The one who finally got this opportunity was Master Sun of Jiang Hai Sun’s family. Not only are you free when you are free, I can arrange your dinner. ”
Ye Fan nodded: “Well, I know. Time and place, just look at the arrangement. Just contact me then and I will attend.”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Li Er immediately said with joy: “Okay, Mr. Chu, let’s stay in Haiyuan Pavilion in three days. By the way, this dinner was sold at an auction price of 210 million yuan. Once the funds arrive. , I called Mr. Chu the money.”
Soon, Ye Fan hung up the phone. Qiu Mucheng beside her had been comforting Susie, but did not pay attention to what Ye Fan said.
Now, it was very late. After Ye Fan and the others left the auction room, they were going to rush to the counter on the first floor to extract the jade rough stone preserved there and go home.

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