A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 473

However, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan did not know anything about it, half an hour ago. Qiu Muying led everyone from the Qiu family to the counter on the first floor of the Shanshui Guild Hall, and without a word, directly asked the front desk staff to take out the rough jadeite.
“Miss, I’m really sorry, we have a rule that no one except me can collect it on my behalf.”
“After all, you said it was his younger sister, he said it was his brother’s, he said it was a relative, but with nothing but nothing, we can’t verify it, right?”
The staff spoke politely.
Qiu Muying didn’t speak, just smiled at the corner of her mouth, and then slammed a household registration book on the counter.
“I can’t verify it, right?”
“I’ll let you do research and verification, so it seems like we lied to you.”
“Look carefully, is she Qiu Mucheng my sister?”
“You don’t believe what you say, but this account book is in black and white, do you always believe it?”
“Hurry up and take out the rough jadeite.”
“Otherwise, it will delay my sister’s important affairs, and you can’t afford to pay for it!”
Qiu Mucheng was alarmist, threatening the staff menacingly.
“This…” The lady at the front desk was suddenly embarrassed. Her previous words were just an excuse to prevaricate them, but she didn’t expect that Qiu Muying would take out all her hukou.
“But this lady, really can’t do it, we really have rules, except for myself~”
The staff still needs to explain, but Jiang Hong directly interrupted her in a rude manner, “There are no rules, and Qiu Mucheng is a family with us. Isn’t everything the same for her and me? Looking at you humble employees, just want to embezzle my niece’s things!”
“If you don’t pay it or not, we can call the police if you don’t pay it!”
The fierce appearance of Jiang Hong and others made these little staff panic, but even so, they didn’t dare to hand things over to them, and finally had to call the lobby manager on the first floor.
“What’s the matter, noisy, what happened?” A middle-aged man walked over immediately.
“Manager, that’s it~” The front desk staff immediately told the manager about the matter.
“Huh? Want to take it? No, we don’t have this rule.” The middle-aged man refused directly.
However, when the middle-aged man appeared, Qiu Guang was stunned. After watching him for a long time, he said in surprise: “You. Are you, Brother Bo?”
“Well, are you?” Zhang Boren was suddenly puzzled and looked at the Qiu Guang on the side.
“I, Qiu Guang, you forgot, we were on the upper and lower bunks in high school.” Qiu Guang replied.
When Zhang Boren heard it, he seemed to think of something, and he was surprised: “Are you a big photon?”
“Old classmates, goodbye back then, almost ten years away.”
Meeting old friends is naturally a greeting.
Seeing that the box could not be closed as soon as it was opened, Qiu Muying looked anxious, afraid that Qiu Mucheng and the others would come back, and hurriedly poked Qiu Guang from behind: “Uncle, business, business is important.”
Only then did Qiu Guang remember the purpose of this, and immediately began to talk about it with Zhang Boren.
“Huh? You mean, you help your niece get things?” Zhang Boren frowned.
Qiu Guang smiled and said, “Yeah, Boren. My niece can’t come if I have something to do, so call my father. It’s not the old man who has spoken directly, let us come and help take it home. But you little clerk, you don’t think we are a liar. In desperation, we brought all the hukou in order to prove our identity.”
“Just tell your staff, let’s take the things away.” Qiu Guang couldn’t help but persuade.

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