A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4745

Ye Fan coughed a few times, and the smell of blood filled Ye Fan’s mouth and nose.

Vitality and power are gone like flowing water.


Are you unwilling?

Ye Fan could no longer feel these emotions.

He just held onto the Yunyang sword in his hand, and tried his best to maintain the balance of his body so that he would not fall down.

At the same time, he stretched out his other arm, the bloody palm, and raised it gently. With a face full of pity and pampering, he touched the pretty face of the charming girl in front of him, and helped her wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

The weak voice, like a candle in the wind, sounded softly.

“Yueyue’er, this is my life.”

“I don’t blame you.”

Ye Fan spoke in a low voice, but his voice was getting weaker and weaker.

Even the vision in the eyes has begun to blur.

But Ye Fan still worked hard to keep himself awake.

He wanted to see the world again, and see this peerless beauty in front of him again.

Along the way, Ye Fan had many beautiful women by his side.

Yue’er is not the one who is closest to Ye Fan.

Even after World War I, Ye Fan and Yue’er hadn’t met a few times.

Ye Fan stayed by Qiu Mucheng’s side for several years.

Ye Fan also accompanied Yueyao from Jiangbei to India.

Even Xu Lei, Ye Fan often met with her.

Only the beauty in front of him, Ye Fan never took the initiative to look for her.

In those years, Luna guarded the Three Gods Hall alone. Every time she opened the door of the temple, Luna hoped so much that the one standing outside was her master, the man who made her dream.

But since the First World War in Dongjing, Ye Fan never went to Japan to find her again.

On the contrary, every time Ye Fan was in danger, Luna would arrive in time.

After the first battle in the rain forest, the world rumored that Ye Fan died in battle.

In a rage, the Moon God killed Yin Guo.

In the decisive battle at Chumen Mountain, Luna even risked destroying the country and rushed thousands of miles to help Ye Fan.

The past is like smoke, and when Ye Fan thinks back about Yue’er, all he thinks of is this woman, regardless of the consequences, regardless of life and death, and regardless of everything.

For Yue’er, Ye Fan always had a kind of gratitude and gratitude that no one else could match.

Even if he was about to die under her sword now, Ye Fan couldn’t feel any resentment towards her.

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How come Luna be controlled by strange demon when she already has a soul of moon god controlling her. That means, strange demon is stronger than the moon god herself. Fuck..!!

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