A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 475

At this time, Ye Fan and his party had reached the first floor.
“Mucheng, didn’t you mean that Ye Fan drove Emperor Green?”
“Take me to see.”
Susie, a heartless woman, undoubtedly quickly walked out of her previous loss, and was clamoring to see the legendary emperor green jade.
Susie has always liked all kinds of jewellery such as gold and silver, and she has naturally heard of emerald green, which is very famous in the jewelry industry, and is also very curious.
“But Mucheng, I still suspect that Ye Fan, a poor boy, really gave out Emperor Green?”
“Do you know how precious the emperor green is?”
“I’ve seen it before. A string of jade necklaces made by Emperor Green is priced at hundreds of millions. At that time, I was so dazed to look at it, let alone buy it.”
Susie kept talking and talking all the way.
Qiu Mucheng smiled helplessly, “It’s alright, let you see it later.”
While they were talking, Qiu Mucheng, Ye Fan and others had already arrived at the counter and indicated that they would extract the rough jade stone. Remember to read in one second
“Miss Qiu, haven’t you been taken away?” The staff member asked suspiciously at the counter.
When Qiu Mucheng heard this, she frowned, “When did I be mentioned, did you make a mistake?”
“It’s impossible to be mistaken. A lot of people were there just now? It seems that people claiming to be your sister, and uncles, came together, and the household registration books were all brought.” The staff member said.
But after Qiu Mucheng heard it, her pretty face turned pale, her eyes widened.
“what did you say?”
“Is it taken away by my sister?”
“What are you doing, my family’s things, why do you let them take away?”
Qiu Mucheng was furious.
She knows the people in the Qiu family too well, if this rough emerald stone is in their hands, she would never come back!
Two hundred million emperor green, why did Qiu Mucheng never think that Qiu Muying and the others would be so despicable, and they would also do things that they pretended to be?
“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong, what happened?”
At this time, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie had just come out of the auction, just in time to see Qiu Mucheng flushing with fire.
“Emperor Green was pretended to be taken?”
“I’m so fucked up!”
After Shen Fei heard it, the whole person was also shocked, and was furious at the time.
“The manager, let your manager get out!” Shen Fei roared violently.
Not to mention that the Emperor Green was created by Ye Fan, not to mention that part of Ye Fan had already agreed to sell them to the Shen Group. The treasure in hand flew like this, of course Shen Fei was furious.
As soon as Zhang Boren came out, Shen Fei kicked up immediately, kicking the old thing directly to the ground.
“Master Shen, what are you doing?” Zhang Boren was shocked at the time.
Although this Shanshui Hall belongs to Li Erye, who doesn’t know in Yunzhou, Shen Jiuyi is not only a wealthy man, but also a celebrity under Li Erye, and Shen Fei is the prince of the Shen family. Of course Zhang Boren dare not offend him.
“I’m really a grassy horse!”
“I ask you, who gave you the courage to give that emerald rough stone to others?”
“Don’t you know that the club clearly stipulates that the things stored here can only be retrieved by yourself?” Shen Fei roared with red eyes.
Zhang Boren quickly realized what was wrong, and replied in panic: “It’s just a stone, he… they said it was Miss Qiu’s relative, so I… I…”
“That’s why you are paralyzed!” Shen Fei slapped in anger and slapped over again, furious.

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