A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 479

After getting the rough stone, Ye Fan called Shen Fei and asked him to come and get the rough stone.
“Brother Fan, you got it back?”
“Brother Fan is mighty, I’ll pass!”
Shen Fei was overjoyed, immediately hung up the phone, and then got up to go outside.
Shen Jiuyi glared at him and shouted angrily: “Did I make you get up? Kneel me down!”
“Misappropriating company funds, you know, this is a crime!”
“If it wasn’t for your mother, I would have to interrupt your dog legs today.”
When Ye Fan called, in the Shen family villa, Shen Jiuyi was furious because of Shen Fei’s embezzlement of public funds.
Even a few minutes ago, Shen Jiuyi was so angry that he wanted to call the police and sent his asshole son to prison. Fortunately, she was stopped by Shen Fei’s mother. First URL m.
Shen Fei knelt on the ground, muttering in a low voice: “Am I still on this?”
“Do you dare to talk back?” Shen Jiuyi walked over and kicked Shen Fei again. “You bastard, I warn you, don’t think it’s a trivial matter. Now you dare to embezzle tens of millions, in the future you I dare to embezzle hundreds of millions. If you don’t learn a lesson, my Shen family’s decades-old legacy will be destroyed in your hands sooner or later!
Shen Jiuyi was extremely angry, especially when he first learned of this, he was so angry that he wanted to kick Shen Fei to death.
“Nine hundred million, don’t fight. Didn’t Afei know that it was wrong?”
“Moreover, he misappropriated the company’s funds for a reason, not to make money for the company. You don’t want to think, if he doesn’t misappropriate, where is the emperor green of our Shen Group?” Next, a beautiful woman kept persuading , Looking at his son, his eyes filled with distress.
However, when he heard the woman’s words, Shen Jiuyi became even more angry: “Do you believe this brutal lie?”
“Return the emperor green? Where’s the emperor green, you ask him, what about the emperor green he offered?”
“You also found an excuse to say that you were taken by someone else, why don’t you say that the emperor green ran on his own long legs?”
“This animal is spoiled by your mother!”
Shen Jiuyi was so angry that Shen Fei’s embezzlement of public funds did not make him so angry. What angered Shen Jiuyi most was that Shen Fei actually tricked him into offering Emperor Green in order to excuse himself.
Half an hour ago, Shen Jiuyi specifically called many senior executives of the company to come to see the Emperor Green together. But who would have thought that Shen Fei suddenly told him that Emperor Green had been taken by someone.
People in the entire company were thrown around by this beast, and Shen Jiuyi was almost furious at the time.
However, just when Shen Jiuyi was angry, Shen Fei found the opportunity to swish and ran out.
“You beast, you come back to me~”
“You even dared to run. If you run today, you will never go back to this home!”
Shen Jiuyi shouted angrily, but Shen Fei didn’t mean to stop, shouting as he ran.
“Dad, I didn’t lie to you, Brother Fan really gave out Emperor Green. Wait, I will prove it to you~”
In the dark night, Shen Fei’s stubborn shout came.
Soon, Shen Fei disappeared into the deep dark night and rushed to the place where Ye Fan was.
“Well, what’s wrong with you?”
When Shen Fei arrived, Ye Fan found that Shen Fei had a bruised nose and swollen face, with a tragic look of being beaten.
Shen Fei didn’t care about this, and when he saw Ye Fan he said excitedly: “Brother Fan, where is the original stone?”
“Here it is.”
Ye Fan pointed to his feet, but Shen Fei cried when she saw it. He hugged him tightly as if he saw his father.
“Brother Fan, thank you very much.”
“Don’t worry, I will do it well if you ask me.”

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