A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 480

“I will definitely let this emperor green glow like an emperor.”
Ye Fan was able to sell part of the Emperor Green to their Shen Group. This was a sentiment, of course Shen Fei was grateful.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan nodded, and said, “Also, don’t say anything about me asking you to make some jewelry. Then, I want to surprise Mucheng.”
Shen Fei laughed: “Brother Fan, don’t worry, I know everything about picking up girls.”
“Stop talking, Brother Fan. I’ll go back first, there is something else at home.”
“Before I said I helped the company get a piece of emperor green. My dad didn’t believe it, so I lied to him.”
“This time, I have to go back and slap him in the face!”
Shen Fei said angrily, feeling full of resentment towards his father.
After speaking, Shen Fei returned with the jade rough stone.
“Animal, do you dare to come back?” Seeing Shen Fei, Shen Jiuyi was furious again, picking up the broom and about to beat Shen Fei.
Shen Fei didn’t speak, just put a rough stone on the coffee table. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The red cloth on the original stone was peeled off, and only a bright green was seen, which illuminates the entire room.
“This…this is?”
After seeing the rough emerald stone in front of him, even if Shen Jiuyi was stunned, he immediately stayed in place, the horror in his old eyes gradually magnified.
The Shen Group is the largest group in Jiangdong. Although it is involved in many industries today, the jewelry industry is undoubtedly their old business. At that time, Shen Jiuyi was made by reselling jade rough stones. Later, he made jewelry, and it was inevitable to follow Dealing with jade rough stones.
After decades of experience, after seeing the rough stone in front of him, he undoubtedly recognized it instantly.
“This…this is, glass, imperial green!”
Still such a big piece? !
At that time, Shen Jiuyi was dumbfounded, and looked at Shen Fei in an unbelievable way: “Er…son, where…where did you get this?”
Shen Fei hugged his face and snorted coldly: “I said, Brother Fan drove it out.”
“Part of Fan wants us to make some jewelry for the Shen Group, and sell the rest to us Shen Group.”
“Before you didn’t believe me, you said I lied to you.”
“Now, are you credible?”
Shen Fei was full of resentment, and he spoke to Shen Jiuyi almost angrily.
Shen Jiuyi was touching the rough stone in front of him with excitement, trembling all over, and said with joy: “Believe, believe, I believe.”
“Son, it was Dad who misunderstood you just now, I apologize to you.”
“But you can get the emperor green jade for the company, it’s a great achievement!”
Shen Jiuyi’s words trembled and kept talking.
Among Shen’s jewellery, there is no one made of emperor green jade. Shen Jiuyi knew very well what the jade in front of them meant to them Shen’s Jewelry Group.
That is not only the high profits, the greater benefits, but also the increased reputation of the Shen Group!
Relying on the jewelry made by this emperor green, their Shen’s jewelry is very likely to be famous in China’s jewelry industry.
“Okay, okay~”
“Son, you have done a great job for the company!”
“Maybe, relying on this imperial green, our Shen Group can not only go out of Yunzhou, but also out of Jiangdong, out of the three provinces of the Central Plains, and be famous throughout China!”
“You wait. Tomorrow, Dad will nominate you as a director of the Shen Group and let you join the board of directors to help Dad stand alone in the company.”
“I see this time, those old things on the board, dare you say a word?”

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