A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 485

“What are you doing? 6eea134e”
“Ye Fan, Ye Fan~”
Seeing these few costumed policemen in front of them could not help but take Ye Fan away, Qiu Mucheng was anxious and chased after him anxiously, wanting to inquire about the situation.
However, what I got was naturally a strong response from Vice Captain Ren Han: “Miss, please don’t hinder us from performing official duties, otherwise we have the right to detain you!”
“Comrade police, you must have misunderstood. I understand him, Ye Fan can’t do illegal things, you must have caught and misunderstood.” Qiu Mucheng’s face was pale and she couldn’t help but insist that Ye Fan was innocent.
Ren Han was expressionless and still coldly replied: “Whether we are innocent or not, we will naturally come to a conclusion after investigating, so please let me go first.”
Ren Han’s tone was obviously getting colder, obviously Qiu Mucheng’s blocking made her very unhappy.
“Mucheng, do you care about him?”
“It’s better to be caught for useless purposes, so that no one will drag you down.” After Han Li and Qiulei and his wife realized what had happened, they were overjoyed and immediately stepped forward and pulled Qiu Mucheng. come back.
At the same time, Han Li also smiled at Ren Han and others: “A few comrades have worked hard, we resolutely cooperate with your work.”
“As for this Ye Fan, do whatever you want. If you are a waste of money and dare to do things that violate the law and discipline and disrupt social harmony, you should catch it!”
“Comrade police, you’d better sentence him for a few more years to avoid disgusting people~”
Han Li has always been displeased with Ye Fan. When Ruijin saw that he was arrested, of course she was a little gloating, and she took the opportunity to get into trouble.
“Mom, you~” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t listen anymore, but shouted at her mother.
However, Ye Fan was comforting: “Mucheng, it’s okay, just wait at home. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to keep me long, I will be out in a few days.”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Ren Han suddenly snorted, and looked at Ye Fan’s gaze a little bit more unkind: “You are quite confident? It seems that you are used to being arrogant outside. I really thought we couldn’t find out. your turn?”
“I often walk by the river, how can I not wet my shoes?”
“take away!”
Ren Han snorted coldly, and Ye Fan was taken away.
Public Security Branch of Dongcheng District, Yunzhou City.
“Let’s talk, why hit someone?”
In the cold interrogation room, Ye Fan sat there with his hands shackled, like a prisoner under trial. A few minutes ago, all of Ye Fan’s belongings had been confiscated, and his phone was also confiscated by Ren Han’s people.
At this time, Ren Han was in uniform, sitting opposite Ye Fan, interrogating with cold words.
Because of training all the year round, Ren Han’s figure is exceptionally slim, even wearing a professional uniform, but it is still difficult to conceal his bumpy body.
But perhaps because of his career, Ren Han, no matter how good his figure is, still does not have the temptation of a woman in the dust. His white and icy face, on the contrary, still carries a force of heroism.
Seeing her at the first glance, Ye Fan had already guessed that the policewoman in front of her might be uncomfortable.
Sure enough, the first words of this woman were aggressive and extremely oppressive.
However, Ye Fan was wronged and said: “Sister policeman, you wronged me, when did I hit someone?”
“Don’t admit it when you die?”
“Ren team, don’t stop me, I will pull him two big ears and he will be honest.”
“This kind of bastard, if you don’t give a lesson, he won’t know what his last name is?”

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