A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 494

Wei Ju was scared to pee at that time, these big people who have almost never seen in a few lifetimes, today unexpectedly come so many at once.
The little leader of one of his sub-bureaus, of course, was frightened, and was so scared that he almost cried. He cursed at Ren Han, and then hurried forward to meet him.
As for Ren Han, his face was equally pale, and even more disgusting!
She couldn’t figure it out, she couldn’t figure it out. According to her investigation, Ye Fan was a son-in-law, a farmer’s son in the countryside. How can he attract so many big people?
Now even people from the province are here.
You know, the status of this He Zhizhang is already comparable to his father!
However, even so, Ren Han still bit his red lips with his teeth, still holding the key in his hand tightly.
She doesn’t believe it, can justice not defeat power? Can the law not judge a sinner? Isn’t it possible that you can’t have a door-to-door son-in-law?
She was on the bar with Ye Fan today!
“And I!”
The arrival of He Zhizhang undoubtedly made the police officers in this district extremely shocked. First URL m.
However, just before the horror in everyone’s hearts was calm, outside the branch, there was the sound of car doors opening and closing, and then, a more majestic voice came immediately!
Then, with a shock, the door was pushed open again.
I saw a middle-aged man in suit and leather shoes, his eyes full of might, and his brows were sullen and he walked immediately.
“This…this is~”
“Wu…Ku City?”
“Yunzhou City, number one, Wu Weitao!”
“The heaven of Yunzhou political circles!”
Wei Ju’s eyes widened again, and Ren Han’s seven or eight subordinates shuddered even more when they saw the incoming person.
Even Wu City is here?
Who did they arrest this time?
All the people from the city and the province, Li Er Chen Ao all gathered.
Everyone is here for Ye Fan?
“This…this is, that pierced the sky?” Wei Ju and the others murmured with pale old faces, shaking all over.
At this time, Wei Ju was almost desperate!
Although, Ren Han caught people. Although, he did not know.
However, he is the person in charge of this branch. There are some responsibilities that he can’t get rid of.
“Ren Han, Ren Han, you bastard, Wei Fei has worked hard to climb up my career, but I am afraid that my career in this life will be completely destroyed by your hands~”
At this time, Wei Ju convicted himself and couldn’t escape, but he was full of resentment, his eyes were red, and he yelled at Ren Han.
Ren Han just stood there blankly, motionless.
At this moment, a cell phone ringing suddenly rang.
It’s Ren Han’s.
With a trembling hand, she picked up the phone and looked down. It was her father who called.
At this moment, Ren Han was like a man who fell into the water and grabbed the last life-saving straw. In joy, he hurriedly switched on the phone, ready to tell his father all his grievances.
Let father uphold justice, let her father uphold justice.
However, without waiting for Ren Han to speak, Ren Han’s father shouted in anger and horror on the phone: “Naughty girl, you naughty girl, what have you done?”
“Do you know that just now, how many people in the city and province called me, even the people in the imperial capital found me? Your uncle and aunt even contacted me and let me run away.”
“You wicked woman, who did you offend?”
“I have served as Zhongliang for three generations, and now I am afraid that you will kill him!”
“If you still have a conscience, please rein in the precipice and follow me to Beijing to plead guilty~”
On the phone, Ren Han’s father screamed in anger, like the last straw overwhelming a camel.
With a bang, the phone slipped down, and Ren Han himself was also immediately frightened and slumped on the ground.

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