A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 493

At the moment when Chen Ao appeared, the entire police station was completely silent!
Many police officers opened their eyes, and their hearts jumped.
“King Dong Wang, Chen Ao?”
“He… why did he come?”
As the saying goes, Shang Ji Bish.
A person, after reaching the extreme in a certain field, will inevitably enter official career. This is undoubtedly the case for Chen Ao. His status as a provincial representative has already given him considerable prestige among the citizens of the province.
On weekdays, Chen Ao often showed up, and there were many reports about him on TV news, so Wei Ju and the others were naturally shocked when they saw this person.
Welcome politely.
“Chen, lucky to meet, lucky to meet~”
“I heard the name of President Chen for a long time, and I finally saw the true face today.” Wei Ju directly shook hands, excitedly said.
After all, in terms of social status, he is not comparable to Wang Donglai as the head of a small district bureau. He also has a bit of energy in this Dongcheng district. Of course, he can’t compare with the famous political and business leaders such as Chen Ao. ratio. Remember to read in one second
“Wei Ju, right?”
“You arrested my friend. I think there should be some misunderstanding in this. So I hope your bureau will release my friend first. As for any misunderstanding, we will sit down and talk slowly later.” Chen Ao said in a deep voice.
Wei Ju nodded again and again: “Mr Chen Jinnian, of course you have to let it go, you must let it go.”
“Ren Han, President Chen is here. This is the voice of the provincial representative, the voice of the people, and the voice of Jiangdong’s business community. Do you want to go your own way?”
Wei Ju sharply rebuked.
The players under Ren Han were also panicked at this time, and their faces were very pale.
Many people wailed in their hearts.
They thought they had just caught a gangster who violated the law and discipline, but now, the second master of Yunzhou and the leaders of the city bureau are coming to find people. Even Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao, who has great reputation in the whole province, also Come personally to catch Ye Fan.
At this moment, the police officers couldn’t help but panic. Who is this Ye Fan, exactly?
However, when the members of the Criminal Police Brigade detaining Ye Fan were panicking, Ren Han looked at Chen Ao and gave a polite greeting.
Then he said coldly: “Since Mr. Chen is a businessman, he is now coming to me to find people. Don’t you think that your hand stretched a little longer?”
“You~” Chen Ao’s expression was stagnant. He didn’t expect that the young girl in front of him would have so much courage that he wouldn’t even give him face.
“Mr. Chen, I still said that, just relying on your empty mouth, let me let go of a suspected criminal, I’m sorry, you are not enough!”
Ren Han’s words were violent, but they sounded like a stone falling to the ground.
Even though Chen Ao was standing in front of her, she still didn’t show any face to the other party.
“What about me?”
With a low boom, the iron gate in front of him was pushed open again.
Outside the police station, I saw another 1,789 dfb0 people, energetic, with prestigious eyebrows, and walking along with each other.
All of them were dressed in formal costumes, and their majestic faces were full of dreadful anger.
Seeing the visitors, not only Wei Ju and the others, but also the leaders of the Municipal Bureau Wang Donglai and Li Er, all trembled.
“This…this is…”
“The Provincial Public Security Department, He Zhizhang?”
Am I going to special~
People from the provincial government are here? !
Still a handful!
At this moment, Wei Ju and others were crazy.
“Ren Han, Ren Han, I’m really Zinima, who did you arrest on earth?”
I thought that this Ye Fan was probably one of Li Er’s favorite mud legs. Although Li Er and Wang Dong came to fish for people, he was surprised, but not surprising.
But now, Chen Ao and the province are all here?
Who is this Ye Fan?

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