A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 50

“I do not understand what you’re saying.”
“Really? Then I will remind you that you were present at the auction of the Landscape Garden last night?”
Qiu Mucheng was taken aback and surprised: “How do you know?”
Qiu Muying smiled even more on her face: “Heh, the third miss of the Qiu family is popular, and the wealthy young man has thrown a million to give to the beautiful women. This matter has spread throughout the upper circles of Yunzhou, who doesn’t know?”
“Why, after one night in the Three Realms last night, I forgot when I woke up?”
“Oh, sorry, it’s the scenery, not the romance.”
Qiu Muying pretended to be apologetic, but the words were full of sarcasm. Finally, she looked at Ye Fan behind Qiu Mucheng with a smile: “It’s just that the pitiful is a little useless. My wife is about to leave with others, but she doesn’t know it. Up?”
“Qiu Muying, don’t go too far!”
Qiu Mucheng’s expression also suddenly became cold, and anger was suppressed in her words. Seeing that the atmosphere here is tense, the old man Qiu finally said: “Okay, let’s just say a few words.”
“Mucheng, let me ask you, what Yingying said just now, is it all true?”
Qiu Mucheng nodded: “Grandpa, I did participate in the auction, but Mucheng swears that she will never do anything to insult Qiu’s family, let alone any arrogant relationship with that Mr. Chu.”
Qiu Muying snorted: “Anyway, you open your mouth, how do you like to say it. We don’t know even if it really matters.”
“But Sanjie, since you admit it, shouldn’t those things be handed in.”
Qiu Mucheng frowned again: “What is it?”
“What are you talking about, of course it was the treasure given to you by the local tyrant at the auction last night. My friend Wen Fei can hear that those things are worth several million? Why, don’t you want to admit that embezzlement is impossible? “Qiu Muying sneered.
Qiu Mucheng immediately replied, “I didn’t want those things.”
“I believe you are a ghost!”
“Several millions of things are given away for nothing. A fool would not refuse, would you not want it?”
“Qiu Mucheng, do you believe it yourself?”
Qiu Muying sneered and continued, “Qiu Mucheng, grandpa is watching here. If you don’t admit it, grandpa punishes you for a while, don’t blame your sister for not being able to help you intercede.”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng’s face was blue with anger, and her eyebrows flushed even more.
“Presumptuous!” At this moment, Ye Fan, who had been silent on the side, suddenly shouted angrily, “Qiu’s family is clean and upright, and grandpa often emphasizes and respects the elders. But you, a junior, dare to call your third sister directly. The name has no respect. I ask you, do you still have grandfather in your eyes, can you still have the Qiu family style?”
Ye Fan drank this suddenly, but she was so scared that Qiu Muying’s face turned pale, her old face flushed, and Ye Fan was shocked at how to answer. After all, Ye Fan was using Grandpa to suppress him and Qiu Family to suppress him. Of course she was speechless.
“Furthermore, not to mention that Mucheng didn’t accept those things. If they did, then other people donated the things Mucheng gave, so what does it matter to you?”
“What qualifications do you have to ask Mucheng for this?”
Ye Fan’s words were sharp and angry. Angrily glanced forward.
Under such momentum, Qiu Muying was so frightened that she paled, and she unconsciously stepped back.
“Fuck, do you dare to pretend to be a son-in-law here?” Chu Wenfei was also angry when he saw Ye Fan yelling at his wife. He stood up and sneered at Ye Fan.
“Who doesn’t know in Yunzhou, Qiu Mucheng is the third miss of the Qiu family. The reason why the local tyrant at the auction gave Qiu Mucheng something is obviously to please the Qiu family.”
“Qiu Mucheng got something because of the Qiu family’s identity, and she was stunned by the Qiu family’s light. We should ask for things as it should be!”
Chu Wenfei has no other skills, but his ability to confuse black and white is very powerful.
Ye Fan was also full of anger when he heard it: “It’s nonsense!”
“Those things were given to Mucheng. Why does it have anything to do with the Qiu Family?”
“Hehe, it sounds like you are the rich man who spends millions of dollars? You are a door-to-door son-in-law, a squatter with no money and power. The consideration of our upper class people is that you are a low-level country and poor. Conjectured?”
Hearing that Ye Fan dared to yell at his daughter before, Wang Qiaoyu also appeared like a shrew at this time. Pinching his waist with both hands, he glared at Ye Fan in anger, but he was speaking for his daughter-in-law.

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