A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 49

The time for the Shen family to invite the banquet is getting closer, and the Shen family and his son are undoubtedly becoming nervous.
“How’s the layout of the hotel?” In the Shen family villa, Shen Jiuyi asked his son about the progress as soon as he returned home.
Shen Fei immediately replied: “Father rest assured, as you have ordered, Yunjing Hotel has been closed tonight. Fully prepare for the upcoming banquet.”
“Yeah.” Shen Jiuyi nodded, “A Fei, this is the only opportunity for us to ease the relationship with Mr. Chu, so this banquet must be held well, and there must be no mistakes.”
“Otherwise, even the second master of 7557e69d can’t protect us.”
“Also, A Fei, remember to call Mr. Chu when you have time to remind him. Mr. Chu manages everything, don’t forget it.”
Shen Fei nodded and agreed.
At this time, Ye Fan had already returned home.
At this point, Ye Fan estimated that Qiu Mucheng and the others had already fallen asleep. For fear of interrupting her to rest, Ye Fan was going to go back to the study to sleep.
However, when passing by Qiu Mucheng’s room, Ye Fan looked inside. The curtains were not fully closed, and the bright moonlight came in. The woman in the white silk pajamas was lying quietly on the bed with a long breath. The delicate face was more charming in the moonlight, like a sleeping beauty.
When Ye Fan saw this, he sighed: “Silly Nizi, don’t cover the quilt. Waiting for a cold, are you?” Remember to read for a second
Ye Fan groaned softly and sighed helplessly, then carefully pulled up the blanket and gently placed it on Qiu Mucheng. Ye Fan sat on the side of the bed again, quietly looked at the woman in front of him for a long time, and finally got up and left, not doing anything wrong with Qiu Mucheng.
The door was closed, and Qiu Mucheng, whose eyebrows had been closed, slowly opened her beautiful eyes. Looking at the blanket on the body, a charming smile was slowly blooming after the moonlight.
Perhaps this is the reason why she insisted on holding on to the temptation at the auction tonight.
In the past three years, Ye Fan has been humiliated in this home. However, Qiu Mucheng could see that his thoughts about him were all true.
She had forgotten how many nights there were, Ye Fan got up in the middle of the night like now to cover herself.
Sometimes, what really touches people is not the heroic bids at the auction, nor the infinite scenery at the banquet, but the details that pervade life.
The next day, at dawn, Qiu Mucheng received a call. It was Qiu Muying who called and said that grandpa was looking for him and asked her to go to the old house of Qiu’s house.
“What is your grandfather looking for at this time?”
“Isn’t it because of the Shen family’s affairs before, punishing you?” Han Ling was a little worried. Hearing Qiu Muying’s tone just now, she was obviously a little bit unkind.
“Mom, I’m finished. I’ll go there first.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t answer Han Ling’s words. After a simple meal, she took her bag and changed her shoes and went out soon.
“I’ll go with you.”
Ye Fan said suddenly at this time, looking at Qiu Mucheng.
“You are a waste, what are you going to do?”
“Go and shame my Mucheng?”
Han Ling was immediately dissatisfied and unceremoniously rebuked Ye Fan.
Qiulei also didn’t want Ye Fan to go, and said coldly: “You still stay at home honestly. There was nothing wrong with it. Once you go, I’m afraid that something will happen to my Mucheng.”
Han Ling and Qiulei were dissatisfied with this son-in-law, and their words were full of disgust, and they were reluctant to look at Ye Fan.
“No need.” Qiu Mucheng replied, opening the door and leaving.
“Mucheng~” Ye Fan immediately followed, and grabbed Qiu Mucheng’s wrist, “I don’t worry. Let me accompany you.”
Ye Fan looked at Qiu Mucheng and said in a deep voice. At this moment, there was an inexplicable majesty and determination in his eyes.
“Did I say that you are deaf? Didn’t you hear that my daughter wouldn’t let you go? Are you still entangled with her face?” Han Ling was immediately annoyed and scolded angrily.
However, to the surprise of Han Ling and his wife, Qiu Mucheng nodded quietly in the next moment, “Yes.”
“Mucheng, are you crazy? If you take him there, your grandfather would have bothered him. Didn’t you just add fuel to the fire when you went to waste with a waste?”
“Mucheng. Mucheng~”
“This damn girl is really mad at me~”
Han Ling shouted from behind, but Qiu Mucheng turned a deaf ear. Left with Ye Fan.
Qiu Family House.
Mr. Qiu sat quietly, with a cup of green tea in front of him, the fragrance of the tea curling.
This old man is also a frugal person. The betrothal gift from Chu Wenfei was not thrown before. The green tea was distributed to each house, and the watch was hung on the wall.
At the side of Mr. Qiu, there were two Qiu Muying and his wife, and there were other relatives around.
“Grandpa, you are still in good health. This is the fruit I bought for you on the road. It is good for your health, and you remember to eat it.” Qiu Mucheng yelled grandpa, cordial greetings.
Qiu Muying snorted: “Qiu Mucheng, why pretend to be filial here.”
“If you really have a grandfather in your heart, you won’t hide good things, just give away some ragged fruits.”
“Huh? What do you mean?” Qiu Mucheng frowned, wondering why Qiu Muying said this.
“What do I mean?” Qiu Muying suddenly laughed, her eyes full of sarcasm, “Sister Sister, you can really pretend. Grandpa is right in front of you. Why, do you still want to swallow the baby?”

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