A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 500

However, when the “battle” was about to escalate again, Sun Yuhao persuaded: “Mom, you all calm down. I can see that Mucheng doesn’t want to divorce Ye Fan, it’s just a matter of love.”
“After all, Ye Fan has also lived with Mucheng and his parents under the same roof for three years. Even if he is a dog, he must have feelings.”
“Now that Ye Fan was arrested, Mucheng and I got married immediately, which is really not good. It seems that Mucheng is unreasonable.”
“Well, I can postpone the wedding ceremony with Mucheng. Just get the certificate first.”
“Parents, are you all right?”
Sun Yuhao’s parents call so kind, as if he had become the son-in-law of the Qiu family.
Under Sun Yuhao’s reassurance, Han Li and his wife took a step back and promised that the marriage can be delayed, but the divorce must be done immediately.
Afterwards, Sun Yuhao looked at Qiu Mucheng again: “Mucheng, I have already inquired about the things you asked me to inquire about Ye Fan.”
“It is said that Ye Fan was in the KTV because he had a conflict with someone who grabbed a lady sitting on the stage. In the end, he was seriously injured. He is still lying in the intensive care unit and is dying.”
“It is inevitable to go to jail for this kind of violent crime. If the other person dies, the sentence will be heavier and you may lose money.”
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“You still lose money?”
“I gotta fuck!”
“What he committed, why should our family wipe his ass?”
“I want us to lose money for him, let’s dream!”
Hearing that she was still losing money, Han Li exploded. Angrily cursed.
But Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face turned white, and she looked at Sun Yuhao with a pair of beautiful eyes, “Master Sun, are all these things true?”
“Naturally it is true. As far as I know, Ye Fan was able to get to know Young Master Shen because he introduced the woman in this KTV to Young Master Shen. Do you also know, in entertainment venues, there are some who accompany wine and sing and even sleep with him? Business is not a strange thing.”
“Furthermore, Ye Fan’s age was just right when he was full of vitality. Although there is a splendid wife in the family, but he can’t be satisfied, so he naturally went out to find someone to vent.”
“After all, I’m a countryman. I didn’t have any tutors since I was a child. Now I’m in the city, and I’m full of temptations. I finally lose my heart, languish and degenerate, and it’s normal to mess around with others outside. It’s just pitiful. If something happens, I will hurt you.” Sun Yuhao sighed, shaking his head.
Qiu Lei and the others scolded as soon as he patted the table.
“Well, why would he dare to use our family’s money to go out to play with women?”
“It really should be a thousand cuts!”
“Mucheng, this kind of beast doesn’t get divorced, so what do you keep?”
“In the entertainment venues, fish and dragons are mixed, and it is very messy. Maybe Ye Fan has contracted some dirty disease, and it will harm our Qiu family.”
“This kind of bastard, quickly get rid of him.” Qiulei said angrily.
The others also criticized Ye Fan one after another, hurting him seriously one after another.
Qiu Mucheng flushed her eyebrows, lowered her head, and said nothing.
My heart began to shake, is it true that what Sun Yuhao said?
After all, Ye Fan did appear hungry a few days ago.
She was seduce casually, and it was directly burned that day, almost by him…
Thinking about it now, what Sun Yuhao said really makes sense. Ye Fan, a man who has not been satisfied, went out to make a fool of himself, and finally caused something, and everything made sense.
After all, other than that, Qiu Mucheng really couldn’t think of Ye Fan still being arrested.
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng’s only remaining fondness for Ye Fan diminished in an instant.
The stunningly pretty face was filled with disappointment.
That’s right, Ye Fan’s disappointment.
When Sun Yuhao saw this, he was immediately happy.
It seemed that as long as another fire was added, Qiu Mucheng would be completely disappointed in Ye Fan.
Therefore, Sun Yuhao continued to regret and said, “Mucheng, although I don’t believe Brother Ye can do such a conscienceless thing, the fact is that, so you don’t have any expectations of him. As far as I know, Today he has been sentenced to ten years in prison. Within ten years, he is afraid it will be impossible to come out. Do you really have to wait for him for ten years? Moreover, even if he comes out, a person with bad reputation will be in this society. He no longer has a foothold.”
“If you really don’t want to recite a shameless name, we will get married in the future and help him support his parents.” Sun Yuhao said falsely.
“Look, Mucheng, look at Yuhao’s mind. Such a good man will be hard to find with a lantern in the future. Don’t you know how to cherish it?” Han Li and others continued to persuade.
Bang bang bang~
However, at this time, there was applause outside the room. Then, a faint laughter came out quietly.
“Master Sun, you are really good to make up this story!”

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