A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 499

Han Hai didn’t expect that until now, Qiu Mucheng was still unwilling to divorce Ye Fan.
He really couldn’t figure out that his niece had been infused by Ye Fan. That stinky boy has no money and no right not to say anything, and now he is arrested and sent to jail. Is it true that Qiu Mucheng doesn’t feel embarrassed at all to be a husband and wife with this kind of inferiority?
Not only Han Hai, but Han Li and Qiulei’s wife were undoubtedly extremely angry after hearing what Qiu Mucheng said just now.
Even Qiu Lei, who has always been a good old person on weekdays, sank.
“Mucheng, what did you just say? You have the ability, tell me again.” Qiulei said calmly. Under those gloomy words, no one knew what kind of anger was suppressed.
Qiu Mucheng rarely saw her father speak to her in such a tone. At that time, Qiu Mucheng knew that her father was really angry.
For a while, Qiu Mucheng did not answer, but lowered her head with flushed brows.
“Mucheng, your mother used to take care of your affairs. I rarely interrupted. But this time, I have to take care of it.”
“My Qiu family’s life is open and honest, and the style is clear. We will never allow anyone who insults my Qiu family’s reputation to appear.”
“And Ye Fan, I haven’t achieved anything in my Qiu family for three years. Now he is even committing crimes.”
“You must be talented but not talented, you must be virtuous but not virtuous.” Remember to read for a second
“Such a wasteful person with no ability and political integrity, I must never stay in my Qiu family again.”
“Your mother can’t afford to lose that person, and my old third Qiu can’t afford to lose this person.”
“So tomorrow, you have to divorce this marriage, and you have to divorce if you don’t leave!”
“Not negotiable!”
The third Qiu said this loudly, as if the stone fell to the ground, but there was no room for change.
Facing Qiu Lao San’s anger, Qiu Mucheng’s eyebrows were naturally redder, and she wanted to cry.
However, even so, she persisted stubbornly, speaking for Ye Fan: “Dad, you don’t know Ye Fan, Ye Fan also has advantages in him. At the rough auction, Ye Fan turned the stone into gold and selected it. A lot of precious rough stones.”
Hearing this, Han Feifei on the side sneered: “Sister Qiu, don’t lie to my uncle and aunt. The hillbilly was obviously responsible for the other people’s work. In the end, he was exposed at the auction. Ugly, don’t you know?”
“And I remember, guess the person who wimps is still sister Qiu, your cousin, where is Qiu Muying?”
Qiu Mucheng wanted to use this to change her parents’ views on Ye Fan, but now that Han Feifei was so disturbed, it was undoubtedly self-defeating, and it strengthened the Han Li and his wife’s idea of ​​divorcing Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.
“This Ye Fan is a waste of less success and more than failure. He has been out there all day to shame our family.”
“Mucheng, you are blinded by lard, this kind of imposing idiot, morally corrupt and useless, what’s to worry about?”
“It must be divorced tomorrow!” Han Li said angrily, her face pale.
But Qiu Mucheng tried her best on reason: “Mom, how can you say that?”
“Ye Fan has been working hard in our family for the past three years. You touched your conscience and talked about what he did to us badly. Why do you say that Ye Fan is morally corrupt?”
“Moreover, even in this incident, Ye Fan was only suspected of committing a crime. There was no stone hammer in everything. We didn’t even figure out the matter. Why should we say that Ye Fan was morally corrupt and violated the law?”
“You~” At this time, Qiu Mucheng was still helping Ye Fan to speak, and Han Li was almost to death.

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