A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 502

“Yeah, Mucheng. This is what I suspect. I really don’t know how Sun Shaoye learned about my sentence? Or, Sun Shaoye made up and deceived Mucheng from the beginning. A good show of dove occupying the magpie’s nest?” Ye Fan also looked at Sun Yuhao, with an inexplicable smile on his mouth, but his words were aggressive.
Faced with the questioning of Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng, Sun Yuhao might be due to a guilty conscience. His old face was flushed, and his eyebrows were uncertain, but he couldn’t say a word when asked.
The fact is just as the Ye Fans and his wife had guessed. After Ye Fan’s accident, Qiu Mucheng asked Sun Yuhao to use her relationship to inquire about Ye Fan’s affairs, but Sun Yuhao didn’t let anyone do it at all.
As for those words just now, Sun Yuhao made up completely to bluff Qiu Mucheng.
It’s just that Sun Yuhao didn’t expect that Ye Fan would have been released after only two days.
Could it be that the police caught the wrong one?
But when Sun Yuhao was puzzled, Han Li had already quietly reported to the police, saying that there was a fugitive at home, and he wanted the police to come over quickly.
Han Hai and others also looked at Ye Fan with full alertness, and at the same time told Qiu Mucheng to stay away from him.
“Mucheng, don’t listen to him farting.”
“This guy specified that he escaped from the cell.”
“You see someone from the fugitive claiming to be guilty.” Remember to read for a second
“Wrong catch?”
“Do you think the police are an idiot just like you? If there is no conclusive evidence, how could the police arrest you?”
“I think you escaped from prison.” Han Hai said sharply, insisting that Ye Fan was a fugitive.
Ye Fan was also helpless.
I want to explain this thing, but it is not clear at all.
However, Ye Fan didn’t bother to pay attention to their attitude. He looked at Qiu Mucheng and asked, “Mucheng, how about you?”
“Even you think, Ye Fan committed a crime and escaped from prison?”
When saying this, Ye Fan always stood there calmly, his eyebrows always falling on Qiu Mucheng’s body, waiting for Qiu Mucheng’s answer.
For a while, the room suddenly became quiet.
With a panic, Qiu Mucheng stood there, facing Ye Fan’s question, but she kept shaking her head: “No, Ye Fan, I believe you.”
Without any hesitation, Qiu Mucheng said immediately.
Although Ye Fan has many shortcomings, Ye Fan is definitely a man with his own principles of life in the past three years.
From the beginning, she wondered if the police made a mistake.
However, at the moment when Qiu Mucheng’s words fell, as if a slap on her face, the door of the room was kicked open again.
Seven or eight armed policemen rushed in immediately. One of them was a beautiful figure, and threw Ye Fan down to the ground. Two slender jade legs locked Ye Fan’s neck tightly, with a cold voice. Shouted: “Let down, put down your weapons!!”
“Raise your hand~”
“A fugitive who dares to commit a crime without repentance?”
“What a courage!”
“Do you know that what awaits you next will be more severe punishments!”
A familiar voice quietly sounded from the ear.
After Ye Fan heard it, he smiled bitterly.
This special mother, this world is really small.
“I said being the captain, do you have any grudges against me, right?”
“I just ran out under your hands, now you are fucking me?”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Am I peeking at you taking a bath? Or ruining your virginity?”
“I, Ye Fan, are really dying!”
“You stupid woman, why don’t you come down from your head quickly~”

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