A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 503

in the room.
Seven or eight policemen were fully armed, and one of the women used the technique of capture to subdue Ye Fan directly.
Of course, this was mainly the reason why Ye Fan did not resist.
Otherwise, let alone being subdued by Ren Han, even with these seven or eight people, there is still no possibility of being close to Ye Fan!
However, Ren Handang was stunned after hearing the words from below him.
Not only her, but the policemen behind Ren Han were undoubtedly a twitching face.
Before Ye Fan had so much noise in the Dongcheng Sub-junction, Ye Fan was naturally well-known in the Dongcheng Sub-junction, and the people who came recognized Ye Fan almost instantly.
There are even a few, it is not the first time to participate in the arrest of Ye Fan.
For example, the female police officer in front of Ren Han just took Ye Fan away from here two days ago. Who would have thought that this Ye Fan had just been released, but they had run into it again.
“Ren…Ren the team, also…you don’t want to live anymore, let him go soon?”
The old faces of the surrounding teammates were already pale, and the arrogance of breaking into the door instantly wilted. At this time, they all stood there like an eggplant beaten by frost, bowing their heads, and reminding Ren with trepidation. Han, let Ye Fan go quickly. First URL m.
This guy is a hornet’s nest~
Last time they stabbed, and as a result, all the people in their Dongcheng branch were almost killed. Later, it was Ye Fan interceded, and Mayor Wu just bypassed them, but even so, several of them were demoted.
Just like Ren Han, he was directly sent to the post of captain. A high-achieving student who graduated from a senior criminal police school was demoted to become the most ordinary police officer fighting on the front line.
The reason why they still call Ren Han the Ren team is completely because of habit.
After realizing that the person under him was Ye Fan, Ren Han was also a little hard to get off.
She is a hard-tempered man who has refused to admit defeat since she was a child. As long as she thinks the right thing, even eight cows can’t be pulled back. At this age, there are almost no people she is afraid of.
But today, the scene of the sub-bureau made Ren Han feel fear for the first time.
Especially when Ren Han received her father’s call, at that moment she really thought she had broken the sky. So at that time, she surrendered to Ye Fan for the first time after all.
But one yard goes to one yard, if she immediately put Ye Fan right now, wouldn’t it make others think that he Ren Han was really afraid of Ye Fan?
How can the people’s police be afraid of others?
Therefore, facing the persuasion of colleagues, Ren Han snorted coldly: “Humph, why should I let him go?”
“No matter what his status is, as long as he kills someone, he is a sinner, and I have to arrest him!”
“Last time I let you run away, this time I caught you as a current one. I think you have anything else to say?”
Ren Han said coldly, staring at Ye Fan fiercely with icy eyes.
“Yes, Comrade Police, you can’t let him go!”
“If this person didn’t say anything about breaking out of prison, he returned to retaliate against us, he should be caught back and sentenced to life imprisonment, let him sit in prison, and save him from coming out to harm others!
Seeing Ren Han and the others coming, Han Li and his wife, who were afraid to speak before, undoubtedly came in an instant, pointing at Ye Fan fiercely and cursing.
At the same time, she looked at her daughter Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, what did I say? I told you earlier that this guy was escaped from prison, don’t you believe it?”
“What’s the matter now? Comrade police came to arrest him. You should give up on this scum fa49b101 now, right?”
Qiu Mucheng had already been stunned, looking at the scene in disbelief, her beautiful eyes turned red, and there were almost tears left. She did not expect Ye Fan to lie to her.
Han Hai and the others also sneered at this time, thinking that Ye Fan, an idiot who committed a crime, even dared to escape from prison. This is a light sentence for himself.

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