A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 504

“Ye Fan, you disappointed me too much. I deserve it. Qiu Mucheng believed in the wrong person.” Qiu Mucheng shook her head and said, then she ran out of the door with tears.
When Ye Fan saw this, he was anxious: “Mucheng, this is a misunderstanding!”
“Mucheng, come back~”
“Let me explain!”
Ye Fan was almost crying at the time, what is this all about?
But now, Ren Han and the others have really figured out the situation.
It turned out that Han Li and the others regarded Ye Fan as a fugitive, and they called the police when they were afraid.
Ren Han suddenly blushed a bit, and the legs that had locked Ye Fan’s neck suddenly came loose. The arrogant arrogance also wilted immediately.
In the end, under the explanation of Ren Han’s colleagues and others, the misunderstanding was resolved.
“Mr. Ye, sorry, really sorry.”
“There is something you can’t live with, please bear with me.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Wait for your paralysis!
Ye Fan was so angry that their hearts were kicked to death.
Qiu Mucheng has been ran away by anger, now they say that this is still a fart?
“Next time I remember to perform the task, I will figure out the situation first!” Ye Fan said coldly, but this was obviously for Ren Han to hear.
After that, regardless of Ren Han’s blushing and shameful face, he got up and left to find Qiu Mucheng.
“Huh, what’s the fierceness?”
“I admit that I caught the wrong person, can’t you? I have no complaints when I am being punished.”
“But don’t think that I will be afraid of you from now on by Ren Han.”
“You’d better not commit any crimes in the future, otherwise, I will still arrest you!”
Ren Han still said stubbornly, but at this moment how harsh her tone is, she actually has a guilty conscience in her heart.
For this stronger woman, admitting mistakes is undoubtedly more painful for her than killing her!
However, Ye Fan ignored her at all, didn’t even look at her, got up and walked out.
Even being ignored, Ren Han was undoubtedly tickled with anger, and the gaze that looked at Ye Fan wanted to cut him a thousand times.
Finally, Ren Han and others also returned to the game.
Before leaving, Ren Han and others severely warned Han Li, and after finding out the next time, they would call the police again!
When Ye Fan found Qiu Mucheng, she was leaning on the guardrail by the lake, looking at the gleaming Yunwu Lake in such a quiet distance.
In the light of the moonlight, the Yunwu Lake at night has a unique charm.
But no matter how good the night scene is, it will not be smooth, and the sadness in my heart.
At this time, there was a sudden wind around the lake, and the cold at night was full of rich moisture, but it blew across the vast lake.
Blowing up the woman’s graceful long skirt, she also lifted up the woman’s three thousand green silks like snow.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng’s delicate body shivered suddenly.
It turned out to be a bit cold.
Sure enough, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the weather is cooler and faster.
Qiu Mucheng curled up, holding her hands on her chest to reduce heat loss.
But at this moment, there were two hands behind him, quietly stretched out, and put a black coat on Qiu Mucheng’s shoulders.
“Fool, is it cold?”
“Run out without wearing a jacket. Who is cold if you are cold?”
There was a faint laughter in the ear.
Qiu Mucheng turned her head immediately, and she saw Ye Fan’s delicate and smiling face as expected.
For some reason, the originally lost state of mind is so stable at this moment.
Like a duckweed, she found a harbor where she could rely on.
Sometimes, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help thinking, why every time, when she yearned for warmth, this man would always appear at the right time.
I was wronged in the Qiu’s house before, and when Grandma Jiang Hai’s house was humiliated by the Han family. Even when she was in deep danger at the Shengtian restaurant, Ye Fan appeared to rescue her.
This man seems to be everywhere.

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