A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 506

Almost instantly, Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were already red.
There are tears, swirling in her eyes.
However, she gritted her teeth hard to keep the tears from flowing.
In the end, she looked at Ye Fan with red eyes, but smiled like self-deprecating.
The smile was bleak and sad.
“It’s Qiu Mucheng, I’m so passionate.”
“Okay, Ye Fan, just as you said, the day after tomorrow’s Civil Affairs Bureau divorced!”
“This wrong marriage should be over long ago, and I don’t want to live with you anymore.”
“I hate you!”
Qiu Mucheng yelled at Ye Fan, almost puffed up.
Weeping, he threw his clothes to Ye Fan fiercely. At the same time, he returned the “lover’s tears” ring in his hand. First URL m.
“I don’t want this ring, and I will give it back to you!”
She roared sullenly, and when she finished speaking, she turned her head and ran away.
She didn’t want to see this bastard again, she didn’t want to see him for a moment.
She is a coward, a bastard, not a man!
Why can’t he hold on?
Why, he is the one who gives up first every time?
Why can’t he follow himself firmly?
Under the moonlit night, Qiu Mucheng ran with tears.
Before, she thought that Ye Fan would be like her, and for this relationship, she would continue to walk firmly together.
But tonight, after hearing Ye Fan’s answer, at that moment Qiu Mucheng only felt that her heart was breaking.
She never thought that Ye Fan would let go first.
She didn’t even think that the word divorce would be said so easily in Ye Fan’s mouth.
Perhaps, in his heart, he never cared about himself?
With tears like rain, Qiu Mucheng’s vision was almost blurred.
She was crying sadly, ran, and quickly lost 3fc6bcd8 in the night.
Here, Ye Fan is still standing there, the cold wind blows the fallen leaves on the roadside, and also blows the misty lake, rippling waves.
Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s back, Ye Fan’s eyebrows were extremely firm.
“Mucheng, I’m sorry, there are some things that I can’t tell you yet.”
“However, after tomorrow, I will let those who covet you, retreat in the face of difficulties!”
“No one can snatch you from my arms.”
“You Qiu Mucheng can only be me, Ye Fan’s woman~”
The strong wind swept through, Ye Fan’s low and powerful words drifted far, far along the wind.
At this time, a phone call came quietly.
“Mr. Chu, the dinner has been booked.”
“Tomorrow at seven o’clock in the Haiyuan Pavilion Supreme Private Room.”
“The people of Jiang Hai Sun’s family will be in the private room, waiting for you to drive.” On the other end of the phone, Li Er’s respectful voice came.
Ye Fan nodded, and only returned the word “good”.
One night passed quickly.
The next day, Susie drove Qiu Mucheng home.
Last night, Qiu Mucheng went to her girlfriend Susie in her sadness.
“Orange, I think your parents’ suggestion is good.”
“Then Yuhao Sun, the young master of the Jiang Hai Sun family, has a better family background than your sister’s husband. Now it is the 200 million bid for the chance to have dinner with Mr. Chu at the auction.”
“Maybe, Sun Yuhao will seize this opportunity, and his career in Jianghai will skyrocket and leap into the ranks of Jiangdong giants in one fell swoop.”
“You married him, won’t you be the rich wife? When you return to the Qiu family in the future, your grandpa and uncle will not be able to welcome you by sweeping the couch. Who will look down on you in the Qiu family?

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