A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 507

“So Mucheng, you still listen to your parents and forget the poor boy in the country.”
“That guy, he was born to be poor. After that, he was lucky to get a piece of Emperor Green, and he was robbed of it before he got hot. One or two billion just flew away.”
“You said this kind of person, if you follow him, will you have a good life in the future?”
“It’s not just embarrassing to say it, I’m afraid that I will have to be poor and humble for a lifetime, and I will not be able to look up in front of others for a lifetime.”
“Moreover, what is even more annoying is that the country boy doesn’t know how to cherish you.”
“This kind of useless husband, if you don’t kick it for another, what are you keeping for?”
Downstairs, Susie couldn’t help but persuade Qiu Mucheng.
Susie has always had no affection for Ye Fan. Now that she learned that Ye Fan had agreed to divorce Qiu Mucheng last night, she was naturally happy and persuaded Qiu Mucheng to leave her quickly.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t speak, her mood still depressed.
But it was about to go to work, and she could not delay work because of personal matters, so she went upstairs to change clothes and prepare to go to the company.
After Qiu Mucheng went home, she was naturally unavoidable from her parents’ harshness. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“You Nizi, it’s getting more and more disliked.”
“I didn’t return all night, and I didn’t answer the phone. Did you know that Yuhao didn’t sleep all night last night and Man Yunzhou was looking for you. I’m afraid that something happened to you?”
“Mucheng, it’s not your uncle who said you. No matter how bad Yuhao’s condition is, people really like you. Uncle can pat your chest here to promise you that if you miss this kind of good man today, you will definitely regret it in the future~”
“Cherish the moment~”
“Mucheng, even if Ye Fan didn’t commit a crime, he wouldn’t be worthy of you.”
“You must divorce him today, and then join Yuhao by the way and get the certificate.”
The ears were full of parental harassment, Han Li and others all persuaded each other, Han Hai and Han Feifei and his daughter also urged Qiu Mucheng to order this matter quickly.
“Enough 41c4cb3d!”
“Can you keep me quiet for a while.” Qiu Mucheng finally couldn’t help it, and the grievances that had been held in her heart broke out in an instant.
“Don’t talk about it anymore, I promise, can’t I promise you?”
“I will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow, and I will divorce Ye Fan tomorrow.”
“Now you should be satisfied?”
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were red, and she shouted at Han Li and the others. Then he went back to the room to change his clothes, and left without looking back.
Behind him, only Han Li and others were helpless and cursed.
“This Nizi is spoiled by us~”
“It’s like being wronged.”
“Married to a good family, isn’t you the one who enjoys the blessing?”
“It’s really bigger, the better or worse.”
“Being a parent can still cheat you?”
In the room, Han Li and others felt helpless and angry.
However, in life, there are too many parents like Han Li who do harm to their children in the name of being good to their children.
No one knows how Qiu Mucheng came here this day.
Seeing that it was evening, it was getting closer and closer to the agreed dinner time.
Ye Fan also started rushing towards Haiyuan Pavilion at this time.
He didn’t let Li Er send a car to pick him up, he was not very far away, just walked over by himself.
Haiyuan Pavilion is located in the center of Yunzhou.
It is now time to get off work, the road is full of people, and Ye Fan is walking slowly among the crowd.
However, before taking a few steps, Ye Fan’s brows suddenly frowned.
He stopped and looked around.

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