A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 509

After seeing Ren Han, Ye Fan ignored him, turned his head and left.
If this kind of unruly woman gets entangled with her, I am afraid that she won’t have to eat at the dinner tonight.
“You stop!”
“Having a knife to hurt people, do you still want to leave without going?”
“Advise you to get in the car honestly and take a note with me in the bureau.”
“Be lenient with confession, strict with resistance!”
“You stop me~”
Behind him, Ren Han’s angry shouts have been heard.
But Ye Fan never paid attention, turning a deaf ear. First URL m.
But that Ren Han was like a tarsus maggot, and he wouldn’t let Ye Fan go at all. He even called a colleague for support, and at the same time drove to catch up with him, blocking Ye Fan’s path and not letting Ye Fan go.
“Damn, it’s endless, right?” Ye Fan was also anxious and asked Ren Han coldly.
Ren Han was not afraid, and bluntly retorted: “It is my responsibility to catch criminals and maintain social stability. You are suspected of injuring others with weapons, you must go back with me!”
“Okay, you’re great, I’m afraid of you, I’ll get into the car with you.” Ye Fan opened the door and got into Ren Han’s car without saying a word.
This simple appearance made Ren Han very surprised.
Why is this guy suddenly so conscious?
However, Ren Han froze for a moment, then got into the car and prepared to take Ye Fan back to the branch to make a transcript.
However, who could have imagined that as soon as Ren Han got in the car, he was pulled in front of him by Ye Fan, pressed the dead woman under him, reached out and hit Ren Han’s round buttocks fiercely.
“The clay figurines also have three points of anger!”
“I think Ye Fan is really bullying, right?”
“Find me fault twice, I won’t teach you today, so I don’t believe in Ye!”
Ye Fan was obviously irritated by Ren Han, screaming while slapped.
Again and again, not three times, Ren Han this woman wronged herself not once or twice, this time Ye Fan was also anxious, and directly began to teach her.
To deal with this kind of woman, you can’t be soft-hearted, don’t hurt her, she doesn’t have a long memory.
All this happened too suddenly.
Before Ren Han could react, his buttocks had already been “devil-handed”!
Ren Han was stunned at the time, his brain was blank.
She never thought that Ye Fan would dare to spank her ass?
Her father had never beaten him like this!
“You…you bastard?”
“C74b86e2 I played with you!”
Ren Han only felt a huge sense of shame in his heart, because of grievance, a mist of water appeared in his beautiful eyes.
She screamed and struggled violently, and soon scrambled with Ye Fan.
Following the movements of the two men, Ren Han’s car trembled.
At this time, Ren Han’s colleagues finally came to support.
“Strange, Ren’s team is talking about this, right?”
“Why can’t you see people?”
They looked around and searched. At this moment, someone had sharp eyes and recognized Ren Han’s car.
“Look, isn’t that the team’s car?”
“Go, go and take a look!”
Ren Han’s colleague immediately walked over and got closer, only to find that the car was moving.
“What the hell is Ren’s team doing, why does this car tremble by itself?”
In doubt, these colleagues of Ren Han didn’t think much, walked over and opened the door directly, and then asked: “Team Ren, the gangster you are talking about is…in…”
However, the moment they opened the car door, these colleagues were stunned. When they reached their lips, they stopped abruptly because of shock.
Everyone’s eyes suddenly widened, and their pupils shrank.
Inside the car, Ren Team, who has always been icy and majestic and known as the thorny rose, was pressing a man under his body. His clothes were disheveled. They could even see a piece of white snow under Ren Han’s collar and heavy breathing. At this moment two people are in the car…..

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