A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 510

The next moment, with only a bang, the car door was closed immediately.
These colleagues of Ren Han didn’t seem to have seen it, and turned away without saying a word, but everyone had an inexplicable meaning on their faces.
At this time, their hearts were stunned, no wonder the car moved by itself.
However, the appointment of the team is the appointment of the team, and this kind of thing is also in the upper position.
Domineering women are different.
However, the man who can conquer the team is even better!
In the car, Ren Han and the two were still fighting.
Ye Fan wanted to teach this woman a little bit, but he didn’t expect that Ren Han was going crazy in the end. He couldn’t help struggling, and even used his mouth.
“Shut up~”
“You really bite!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Fan pushed away Ren Han’s unruly woman, and then quickly opened the car door and left, but there was already a neat row of tooth marks on his arm.
This woman is really ruthless!
“Asshole fc9cf01a!”
“Don’t go, stop for me.”
Ren Han’s roar faintly heard behind him, Ye Fan ran away without looking back. He soon disappeared from Ren Han’s sight.
On the street, the disheveled Ren Han was completely mad, almost mad.
She touched her still painful buttocks, and she became even more embarrassed. She was gnashing her teeth and her beautiful eyes almost burst into flames.
If the eyes can kill people, it is estimated that in front of Ren Han, there is already a sea of ​​blood.
“I’ll go, and finally get rid of that witch.”
Ye Fan looked back and saw that Ren Han hadn’t chased him, and he was relieved for a long time.
At this moment, Ye Fan took out his cell phone to check the time. It was just six o’clock and it was still too late.
So Ye Fan stopped delaying and rushed to Haiyuan Pavilion.
Haiyuan Pavilion.
In order to welcome the dinner tonight, Haiyuan Pavilion stopped picking up guests at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, clearing the venue for Mr. Chu’s arrival.
At 6:30 in the afternoon, a luxury car drove up and slowly stopped at the entrance of Haiyuan Pavilion.
The door opened and Sun Yuhao got off the car.
Tonight’s Sun Yuhao, a straight suit, Italian brand, tailor-made by hand, this dress on Sun Yuhao alone is more than a year’s income of an ordinary working family.
But I have to say that Sun Yuhao, in a formal suit, is standing here at this moment, showing a noble atmosphere.
“Uncle Hai, is Mucheng still not answering the phone?” Sun Yuhao didn’t enter Haiyuan Pavilion directly, but stopped outside, and then asked Han Hai on the side.
Tonight, he will have dinner with the most powerful man in Jiangdong.
This will be the most glorious moment of his Sun Yuhao’s first half of his life.
Sun Yuhao just wanted to spend this glorious moment with Qiu Mucheng.
Let Qiu Mucheng see his Sun Yuhao’s glory with his own eyes.
However, to Sun Yuhao’s disappointment, they had already made a dozen calls to Qiu Mucheng, but Qiu Mucheng had not answered them.
Han Hai shook his head, “Still no answer.”
“But Yuhao, don’t worry, it’s probably Mucheng in the meeting. I’ll call another one now.”
While speaking, Han Hai continued to call Qiu Mucheng over.
“Passed~ Passed!”
Han Hai was immediately excited, and then quickly said: “Mucheng, are you off work?”
“You come here now and come to Haiyuan Pavilion.”
“Wu Hao is waiting for you at the door?”
“Tonight Yuhao is going to have dinner with Mr. Chu. Yuhao wants to invite you to accompany him.”
“Following Yuhao to see the world more often will be of great benefit to you and the company.”
“You know, I want to see you tonight, but oh god Jiangdong!”
“Don’t you also admire this Mr. Chu?”

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