A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 514

The cold wind is bitter and the water waves are rippling.
Ye Fan’s sorrowful voice still echoed.
He stood proudly and sneered.
A pair of cold eyes, like a king looking down at the world, the domineering and majestic voice continued to explode.
“Well frog can’t talk to the sea, how can Xia Chong talk to the ice?”
“However, you will soon know what kind of existence is standing in front of you at this time?”
Ye Fan’s voice is only if the gold and stone fall to the ground, but the world is clanging here.
After speaking, Ye Fan stopped staying, Dang Even turned and left.
Only behind him, there was a silent depression and a panic-stricken Han Hai.
Han Hai’s heart began to shake at the sight of the thin back.
Could it be that they really underestimated Ye Fan? Remember to read in one second
After a long time, Han Hai’s trembling heart slowly calmed down.
At this time, recalling the previous scene, he suddenly cursed.
“What can a country brat do?”
“If he is really good, will he still be a son-in-law?”
“You can’t talk about the frogs in the well, and you can’t talk about the worms in the summer? He is so poor in the countryside, what a breath!”
“It’s like an idiot!”
Han Hai cursed in a low voice, obviously thinking that Ye Fan was talking nonsense just now.
After all, the fact lies here, if Ye Fan really has the ability, he would not have been a stubborn son-in-law in the Qiu Family for three years.
“What kind of existence?”
“I think it’s a silly existence!”
Han Hai’s old face was gloomy, and he returned to Haiyuan Pavilion with a stomach of anger.
“Dad, what’s the matter with you?” Han Feifei and others who had been waiting at the door saw their father’s face so ugly, and asked immediately.
“Why, it’s not because of that wasteful waste! I don’t have the ability to fart, but I am quite strong, and my tone is not small!” In anger, Han Hai briefly told Han Feifei and Sun Yuhao what had just happened.
When Han Feifei heard this, she was anxious: “What?”
“Dad, are you going to give that poor dick a million?”
“Are you crazy?”
“He is poor in a country, how can he be worthy of giving so much money?”
“I’m not afraid of him pestering your sister.” Han Hai shook his head and said.
“He dare? At that time, if he dares to entangle, we will ask someone to interrupt his dog legs!” Han Feifei said viciously.
Sun Yuhao also smiled and said at this time: “Uncle Hai, it makes you bother. But a small character is really not worthy of your treatment.”
“It won’t be a matter of minutes to pinch him to death when he divorces Mucheng.”
“Well, let’s not mention him, let’s go in.”
“The dinner is about to begin.”
Sun Yuhao didn’t want to talk about Ye Fan anymore. From the beginning to the end, Sun Yuhao didn’t take Ye Fan seriously.
In his eyes, Ye Fan is at best a clown, if it weren’t for Qiu Mucheng, Sun Yuhao was afraid that he would have taught Ye Fan privately.
“Well, go in.”
“This time I will be caught in the light of Yuhao, and go in to see the world.” Han Hai and the others were also very excited when they thought of seeing Mr. Chu up close. Han Feifei even took out a cotton pad and applied makeup. Dreaming about becoming Mr. Chu’s woman if he is taken by Mr. Chu?
At that time, Han Feifei, isn’t she the queen of Jiangdong?
Under one person, above tens of thousands!

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