A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 513

However, Ye Fan’s pace did not stop.
Han Hai finally frowned, raised his face, looked at Ye Fan ahead, and said solemnly: “One million!”
“This is my final limit.”
“Ye Fan, I advise you, it’s better not to be greedy.”
“Just accept it when you see it.”
“Otherwise, you will not only get more, maybe you won’t get this million now.”
Han Hai obviously has no patience, and his eyes towards Ye Fan are full of disgust and anger.
He did not expect that Ye Fan would be so greedy.
A poor man in the country, he thought that at most 500,000, he would have to agree. Unexpectedly, he has now been driven to a million.
“This guy has a lot of insight into people’s hearts. He has eaten up my eagerness to let him leave Mucheng.”
Han Hai looked gloomy and thought to himself. But Ye Fan’s greed has made him extremely unhappy. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
He has already decided that if this guy is too small for a million, then there is no need to talk.
If Ye Fan entangled Qiu Mucheng again in the future, he would hire a few people to beat him up. Knowing that it hurts, he would naturally retreat.
After Han Hai gave Ye Fan an ultimatum, Ye Fan’s forward footsteps finally stopped.
Upon seeing this, Han Hai sneered and laughed.
This country dick, the righteous words just said, are not tempted now?
“Ye Fan, that’s right.”
“You are a poor boy in the country, I’m afraid you won’t make a million in your life.”
“With these money, go back to your country and find a village woman to marry it.”
“Mucheng is not what you can covet for a silly waste?”
“You are not worthy of him.”
“She deserves better care.”
Han Hai smiled faintly, and Ye Fan’s disdain and contempt were all over his words.
“The one million, I will hit your card in two days.”
“After you get the money, just get out.”
“A countryman, you should go back to the country. The city is not where you can stay.”
“However, I have to remind you in advance. After you get the money, if you dare to pester Mucheng the slightest bit, then it will not only be a matter of losing money.”
“Do you understand?”
The high-pitched tone is like despising an ant.
Ye Fan turned his back to him, listening to Han Hai’s words at this time, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.
“Boy, what are you laughing at 7e239c05?”
“What qualifications do you have to laugh?”
“A poor and incompetent son-in-law in the country, you still have a face to laugh?” Ye Fan’s laughter made Han Hai very unhappy, and that feeling was like being mocked by Ye Fan.
It’s just that, if he is useless, what right does he have to laugh at him Han Hai?
“What am I laughing at?”
“I laugh at you with eyes and no beads, laugh at you not knowing a real person!”
“To me, what is one million, and what is ten million?”
“Even Sun Yuhao, who has a wealth of wealth, has never seen me like Ye Fan!”
“As for you, I used to respect and respect you because of Mucheng’s face. If it weren’t for Mucheng, what would you count as Han Hai in my eyes?”
Ye Fan was arrogant and his eyes were cold.
Every time he said something, Ye Fan stepped forward, trembling with his body.
The thin body is like a spear standing upright, and the words of anger are like thunder.
The sonorous words, the majestic words, wreak havoc on the world.
Under Ye Fan’s anger, there was a violent wind rolling by Yunwu Lake.
The water of the vast lake was rustling with three thousand fallen leaves.
Ye Fan’s momentum is too strong.
At this time, Han Hai, with his old face pale as paper, facing Ye Fan’s surging power, the whole person was so scared that he subconsciously took three steps back.
Because of the horror, Han Hai’s eyes widened.
He couldn’t believe that this aura was released from the son-in-law Ye Fan.
That feeling, as if standing in front of him, not an incompetent son-in-law, but a majestic mountain!

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