A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 516

Li Er waved his hand, indicating that there was no need to say any more, and he was ready to meet Mr. Chu.
Afterwards, Li Er said solemnly facing everyone.
“Sorry for keeping you all waiting.”
“First of all, let us welcome Mr. Sun. We have this unique opportunity in a thousand years and we have the opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Chu.”
“After tonight, when people in Jiangdong mention Mr. Chu, they will certainly think of Mr. Sun’s name.”
“In the future, when we write about Mr. Chu’s life deeds, I believe that Mr. Sun Yuhao’s name will also leave a rich and colorful stroke in it.”
Li Er’s vigorous voice echoed in this world.
For a while, everyone present applauded. Amidst the warm applause, Sun Yuhao smiled proudly and waved to everyone.
Soon, the applause stopped, and Li Er continued to talk.
“Well, not much to say, it’s seven o’clock in the evening.”
“Next, let us welcome Mr. Chu’s arrival with warm applause!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
For a time, there was thunderous applause.
The atmosphere of the entire restaurant exploded almost instantly.
Everyone looked up one after another, especially those who had never seen Mr. Chu’s true face, and looked around excitedly.
Delusional to find the figure of Mr. Chu from the crowd.
Sun Yuhao’s heart was beating violently because of tension. Han Feifei’s pretty face flushed with excitement, even Han Hai’s old face was trembling slightly.
They all want to see, what kind of person is Mr. Chu, who is famous in Jiangdong?
One second~Two seconds~
A full minute passed, and no one responded.
When everyone saw this, their hearts sank.
Could it be that Mr. Chu really didn’t come?
Finally, at this moment, in an unobtrusive corner, a thin figure stood up.
Then, heading in the direction of Li Er et al.
“That is…”
As this figure stood up, for a moment, everyone in the restaurant looked over.
Sun Yuhao and Han Feifei are naturally no exception.
However, when they saw the figure, their eyes widened!
“Ye… Ye… Ye Fan?”
“Damn, it’s useless!”
“He’s crazy, what is he doing?”
“Didn’t he really think he was Mr. Chu!”
“Idiot, right?”
“You are a country dick, a door-to-door son-in-law, and you have the courage to pretend to be Mr. Chu, and you can’t die?” Han Feifei was almost frightened.
She didn’t expect Ye Fan to be so courageous. In front of so many powerful and powerful people, she even dared to pretend to be able to pretend to be Mr. Chu?
“Don’t go back soon?”
“You want to kill the Qiu family?”
“You’re looking for death, don’t hurt Mucheng?”
Han Hai also yelled, his old face trembling, and his old eyes were almost blood-red by Ye Fan.
Ye Fan’s life and death has nothing to do with him. But the key is that he and Qiu Mucheng haven’t divorced yet.
Han Hai was really worried that Ye Fan was so troubled, knowing that he did not know how to anger Li Erye, and Qiu Mucheng would be implicated, and even their Han family would be implicated in the end!
Thinking of this, how could Han Hai not be angry, how could he not be surprised?
“What a stupid brain!”
“Sure enough, it’s a countryman, an idiot who only has strength but no brain!”
“I have scruples about Mucheng, so I dare not attack you. But Li Erye and others don’t have so much scruples.”
“This idiot is making trouble so much, he is looking for a dead end~”
Sun Yuhao sneered, looking at Ye Fan’s back, eyes full of disdain and sarcasm.
Look at him, just like an idiot!

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