A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 517

However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to the scolding from Han Hai and others.
His face was expressionless, his expression was bitter, and he stepped forward with the domineering domineering attitude.
The low footsteps stepped on the stone steps, and the reverberation brought by it was shaking the world!
“This guy is crazy!”
“A whole idiot idiot!”
“He was willing to kill Mu Cheng~” Han Hai’s eyes were red, and he roared angrily.
Han Feifei also cursed angrily.
Sun Yuhao looked at the security guard outside the door and said angrily: “What about the security guard, what can you do to eat?”
“Hurry up and get that idiot down!”
The three of Sun Yuhao scolded angrily, while everyone else around them all looked at the young man stepping up the steps in front of them. Some were puzzled, some sneered and shook their heads, some were silent, and some scolded. Remember to read in one second
Obviously, in the eyes of many people, the person in front of him is a messy clown.
After all, how could a figure at the pinnacle of Jiangdong power be so young? How could it be possible to dress so casually, even a little shabby.
In this way, under the conquest of many people, the security guard outside the door really ran up, preparing to subdue Ye Fan, and then drive out of Haiyuan Pavilion.
However, at this moment, a rich and powerful person in front of Ye Fan stepped forward, clasped his fists in both hands, and bowed to Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu!”
At this moment, the audience stopped immediately.
Han Hai’s and others were even more startled.
This…this…what the hell is this?
Everyone was surprised.
At this time, the second voice continued to sound.
I saw Ye Fan’s right, another person stepped forward, bowed to Ye Fan and worshiped: “Mr. Chu!”
“This this..”
Han Hai, Sun Yuhao and others trembled again, and their old faces twitched fiercely.
Han Feifei’s scolding stopped abruptly, and her eyes stared.
“This…this, what’s the situation?”
Just when everyone was astonished, another person stepped out, bent over, and bowed to Ye Fan again: “Mr. Chu!”
Finally, with the sound of falling, it was like a huge boulder falling into the sea, setting off a monstrous wave.
For a time, in the hall, countless big men worshipped.
Shen Jiuyi stepped forward, leading everyone in the Shen Group, respectfully and respectfully: “Mr. Chu!”
Peng Zhenhua followed closely, leading all the senior executives of Haiyuan Pavilion, bending over to Ye Fan, and respecting each other: “Mr. Chu!”
In the end, the leader of Yunzhou, Li Lao Er, led Jinbao Yinbao and other cronies, clasped his fists, bowed and worshiped, and in the most respectful tone, paid the most lofty respect to Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu!”
For a time, the voice of the sky converged into a stream.
The words of respect and worship sounded in unison.
In the hall, countless people worshipped, and the voices of admiration and worship, like waves, impacted the whole world.
In Nuo Da’s Haiyuan Pavilion, there was only the only voice left at this time, shaking and echoing!
Mr. Chu! ! !
A few words, but heavier and heavier, shocking.
At that moment, the audience was dead.
Ya Que was silent throughout the hall.
Countless people raised their heads, with amazement, admiration, admiration, and shock, just looking at the thin figure in the hall.
Ye Fan, once again, attracted much attention!
At this moment, he is like the emperor who rules the world.
He bathed in glory!
He steps up!
He stood there!
With endless majesty and glory, go to rule the world and look down on his subjects.
At this moment, Ye Fan is undoubtedly the brightest star in this world.
Countless people were shocked and lost their voices.

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