A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 52

Ye Fan found a corner and was about to call Li Er, asking him to bring a message to the auction house.
It was a coincidence that Ye Fan’s phone just rang at this time.
“Hello, is this Mr. Chu?”
“I am the auctioneer at the auction last night and the manager of Yunhai Auction House, Wang Lulu.” A sweet female voice came on the phone.
Ye Fan remembered her: “I am.”
Hearing Ye Fan’s answer, Wang Lulu suddenly apologized: “Mr. Chu, let me say sorry to you first, something went wrong with the exhibit you photographed last night.”
“We just learned that the Phaeton car and the royal hosta, the path seems a bit dirty. The police are now tracking down, so Mr. Chu, our auction house staff will immediately retrieve these things and return you at the same time. The corresponding auction money. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We promise that in the future…”
Wang Lulu was still apologizing in panic, but Ye Fan smiled, with a sly eyebrow flashing: “No need. There is no reason to return what I bought. Don’t worry, leave the rest to me and auction with you The line has nothing to do.”
After speaking, Ye Fan hung up the phone. Then with an inexplicable smile, he returned to the Qiu’s house.
At this time, in the house, Wang Qiaoyu was suggesting to Mr. Qiu: “Father, this European royal hosta is very valuable. I think we should let Yingying and Wenfei take it. Wenfei’s family will help us Qiu’s family. If we are too busy, we have to say no. This hosta is perfect for Wen Fei’s mother.”
“There is also this car. The Cadillac of our company has been in operation for many years, and it is time to change it. I think this Phaeton will take over from that Cadillac.” Remember to read a book for one second http://m
Wang Qiaoyu’s abacus is undoubtedly an excellent one. The hosta is said to be given to her mother in-law, but is she embarrassed to accept it? Besides, it was accepted. Chu Wenfei was the only seedling in his family. In the end, this hosta had to be left to Wenfei and her daughter.
As for the Phaeton, Wang Qiaoyu calculated it even better.
There are only two buses for the entire Qiushui logistics. One Audi was driven by Chairman Qiu Guang, and the other Cadillac was driven by General Manager Qiu Luo Zai, who is also Qiu Muying’s father.
Now Phaeton has replaced Cadillac, which is still a bus in name, but it is actually used by their fourth family.
So, after a long time, almost all of the millions of auction items were in the pockets of the fourth family.
As for the high heels, neither Wang Qiaoyu nor Qiu Muying took a fancy to them.
How expensive is a pair of broken shoes, whoever wants it, right? Anyway, the shoe size is not suitable for them.
Other people are not fools, of course they can see Wang Qiaoyu’s little abacus. But although everyone knew it well, they didn’t say anything.
After all, this time the Qiu family had to overcome the difficulties, and it all relied on the son-in-law of the fourth family. Now that their family is lightened, it makes sense.
Father Qiu didn’t object, “Well, just distribute according to what Qiaoyu said.”
“As for those high-heeled shoes, Mucheng, take it. After all, you are also a woman of the Qiu family, and your clothes and dresses represent the face of the Qiu family.” Senior Qiu said lightly.
“Qiu Mucheng, thank you grandpa soon. Remember what your grandpa said, don’t shame us Qiu Family.” Wang Qiaoyu sneered.
The other people didn’t grab those high heels either. Obviously, everyone felt that a pair of torn shoes was nothing but a pair of torn shoes. They were not worth any money, so they were given to Qiu Mucheng.
After the things were divided, everyone dispersed.
Ye Fan helped Qiu Mucheng put away the hundreds of thousands of high heels, and left with Qiu Mucheng.
However, before leaving f04b2cb2, Ye Fan glanced at the smug Qiu Muying family secretly, and sneered in his heart.
“Auntie, I’m sorry.”
“If you steal my wife’s things, you have to pay.”
At this time, in the Phaeton car, Wang Qiaoyu’s family was smiling happily, and Qiu Muying held the hosta, even more fondly.
“Quickly, Yingying, call your dad first. Let him come back quickly and throw away the broken car first. Let your dad drive this million-dollar luxury car tonight and take our family for a drive by Yunwu Lake.”
“We are also the ones who drive millions of luxury cars.”

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