A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 53

At night, the lights come on.
The Qiu Luo family drove a car on Binhe Avenue by the Yunwu Lake.
The on-board music wrinkled the beautiful melody, Qiu Luo controlled the steering wheel, and Chu Wenfei sat in the co-pilot, followed by Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter. At this time, the family was happy and happy.
“Dad, how is it. The feeling of a million-dollar car is different, right?”
“Waiting for Wen Fei to fix my presidential supercar Maserati, next time we drive it out for a ride.” Qiu Muying said smugly.
Speaking of that sports car, Chu Wenfei on the side felt a little bit in his heart.
Strangely enough, he couldn’t start that car. Later, Chu Wenfei also called his second uncle and asked him if he had the key to that car. But to Chu Wenfei’s surprise, his second uncle didn’t even know about this sports car.
This had to make Chu Wenfei strange.
The second uncle is his father’s arm, and the second uncle helps his father to do many things, but he doesn’t know about it.
Is it true that the car was not given by his father?
“Wen Fei, why don’t you speak, when will your car be repaired?”
“At that time, you will drive Yingying in that car. Your dad is driving me, and we are driving two million luxury cars. Wouldn’t it be more generous?” The more Wang Qiaoyu thinks about it, the more he feels happy and his vanity is completely satisfied. .
“Alright, mom.” Chu Wenfei had a guilty smile, and went over.
“But Qiaoyu, I heard that this car was not given to my third niece by a mysterious local tyrant? Why did it come to our family?” At this time, the fourth Qiuluo of the Qiu family asked from the side.
Wang Qiaoyu snorted, “Isn’t it your wife, am I capable?”
“But when it comes to your niece and Ye Fan, they are really stupid, and they can’t hold their own things. I said a few nonsense with Yingying, and asked your father to give these things to our family.”
“Not only this car, there is also a hosta from the European royal family, which is valuable.”
Speaking of things at the Chu family’s old house during the day, Wang Qiaoyu was quite proud.
“Hey, mom, look, is it Qiu Mucheng and the trash who are waiting for the bus there.” At this time, Qiu Muying pointed her eyes, but pointed at the roadside two people and shouted.
“Fuck, are they really?”
“Haha, the kid’s father, drive the car over and talk.”
While they were talking, the two luxury cars turned around and flicked their tails beautifully, just like a knife cut off the water, and they stopped in front of Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan.
Every day after get off work, Qiu Mucheng would take the bus here to go home. Seeing a car parked in front of her, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help but wonder.
The window fell, but the mother and daughter Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying inside the car were exposed.
“Oh, isn’t this Mucheng?”
“What are you doing? Are you waiting for the bus? Why don’t you take a taxi?”
“Mom, do you still have to ask? It must be that the taxi is too expensive, and the third sister can’t afford it.”
“Yes, yes, I almost forgot. Your third sister raises three of them eating rice, and one of them is a waste of the door-to-door son-in-law. Of course you have to save some flowers.”
The mother and daughter sang a harmony, and the words were filled with pride and sarcasm.
When the people around heard these words, the eyes of Ye Fan and his wife couldn’t help but change. After all, these years, the door-to-door son-in-law is not a glamorous identity.
“Yingying, should you let your third sister and the others get in the car, let’s drive them a little bit, and save your third sister two dollars?” Wang Qiaoyu still sneered.
Qiu Muying is disgusted: “Mom, this is not good. We are a million-dollar luxury car. It is only suitable for people like us. They crowded the bus, and they are dirty for us. They are not easy to wipe. .”
The two girls sang and made peace, and their voices were high, but they were full of superiority.
“Mucheng, there is no way, you should wait for the bus here. Let’s go for a ride by the lake first.”
“By the way, this million-dollar luxury car is different when it sits. My fourth aunt would like to thank you so much for helping us get such a good car from the Qiu family.
Amid the laughter, Wang Qiaoyu’s family left immediately.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng’s nose was almost crooked.
“Auntie, they are too much.”
“Take the company car for a drive?”
“The grandpa car is for the company, not for their family as their own car.”
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were flushed with anger, and she felt depressed no matter what she thought about today.
Those things were obviously given to her, so what qualifications did they accept? What qualifications does she have to decide how to use?
“Mucheng, don’t be restless. How can you know what is wrong if you lose your horse?”
While Ye Fan and others were still waiting for the bus, Wang Qiaoyu’s family had already arrived at Yunwu Lake.
“It’s a million-dollar car, it’s not the same when driving?”
Qiu Luo drives a luxury car with a low roar like a beast’s roar, and the luxurious configuration brings the ultimate luxury driving experience. The million-dollar luxury car is indulging in Mercedes-Benz, attracting waves of envy and glances from passersby.
“This is life, right?”
“This is life~”
For the first time in such a million-dollar car, the superiority of Wang Qiaoyu’s family is undoubtedly completely overwhelmed, as if life has reached the peak.
“Dad, traffic police!”
“Quick, slow down, slow down!”

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