A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 520

It is as if the previous humiliation and all past grievances and entanglements were gathered in the cup.
Full-bodied liquor, all in one drink!
Han Hai and the others could no longer bear the panic in their hearts. In the next moment, they finally banged and lay on the ground.
With full of trepidation and endless remorse, he knelt down to beg for mercy and apologized to Ye Fan.
I hope that Ye Fan can see Qiu Mucheng’s face and forgive them for all the offenses and insults they had to Ye Fan in the past.
Facing Han Hai and the others’ pitiful begging for mercy, Ye Fan was expressionless and indifferent.
He sneered, but got up, drank another glass of strong wine, and then turned away.
Only Han Hai and others are left behind, filled with despair!
However, just when Han Hai, Sun Yuhao and others thought they were in danger this time. Ye Fan, who had walked to the door, stopped suddenly.
The low voice, but it sounded quietly in the room. Remember to read in one second
It was like a breeze blowing through the room.
“I will not pursue everything before.”
“You go.”
“I hope you won’t come to Yunzhou again in the future. Don’t bother me anymore, my life with Mucheng.”
“Do you understand me?”
Ye Fan’s cold voice sounded in the ears of Han Hai and others.
The three of Han Hai, Han Feifei, and Sun Yuhao suddenly fell like garlic. He said that he knew that he was wrong and that he would never come to Yunzhou again for the rest of his life, and he never dared to covet Qiu Mucheng again, and would never disturb the lives of Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng.
When Ye Fan spoke, Li Er naturally didn’t embarrass them and let them go.
That night, Sun Yuhao, Han Feifei, and Han Hai fled Yunzhou overnight like mourning dogs, rushing towards the sea like crazy.
It seemed that he was afraid that Ye Fan would go back and find someone to avenge them.
After all, Ye Fan is Jiangdong’s God.
This kind of people, don’t say deal with the three of them, it is estimated that the destruction of their whole family is also a matter of one sentence.
It is only now that Han Hai and others understand what kind of character they offended before.
Looking back on Sun Yuhao, he was even more afraid.
What he coveted during this period turned out to be Mr. Chu’s wife?
Fortunately, Mr. Chu has a large number of adults. Otherwise, Sun Yuhao estimates that he will not be able to return to Jianghai in his life.
But now that Han Hai learned of Ye Fan’s true identity, he was both apprehensive and annoyed.
What he should have thought of, he should have thought that Ye Fan is Mr. Chu’s!
After all, when his old mother was born, Li Er, Chen Ao and others personally went to join him, and they also honored Mr. Ye Fanchu.
At the time they thought that Li Er and they had mistaken people, but now think about it, they have always been deceiving themselves!
There are obviously many signs that Ye Fan is no ordinary person.
Not only that birthday banquet, but the last time Peng Zhenhua from Haiyuan Pavilion gave wine to Ye Fan.
However, because of their prejudice against Ye Fan, they were finally allowed to look down on Ye Fan.
Prejudice is a very strange psychology.
Once there is a prejudice against someone, people will always find various reasons to confirm him. Even if they encounter things contrary to their prejudices, they will automatically ignore them or find various reasons to explain them.
Just like, Han Hai and them.
In the end, Han Hai and Sun Yuhao made a big joke today because of their prejudice against Ye Fan.
Nowadays, he ran back to Jiang Hai in shock all night, and didn’t even say hello to Han Li and his wife.

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