A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 519

In this way, Ye Fan headed to the dinner party amidst the greetings of Li Er and others.
Some of the people present who saw Ye Fan for the first time were shocked in their hearts.
They obviously didn’t expect that the young man in front of them was really Mr. Chu, who was respected by the famous Jiangdong, Yunzhou Li Er, Jiangdong Chen Ao and others?
“But, this is a bit too young, right?”
“I don’t know if you are married?”
“Why, your old Li still wants to marry your daughter to Mr. Chu?”
“Isn’t it? My old Li’s daughter is extremely talented and talented. I don’t know how many people step through the threshold to propose marriage every year. Maybe Mr. Chu just fell in love with my daughter?”
Everyone talked about each other.
But speaking of it, he was still shocked at Ye Fan’s age.
“He is already famous in his early twenties.”
“If ten or twenty years pass, Mr. Chu’s name will not be crowned Huaxia?” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Many people couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
However, it is estimated that they would never have thought that for Ye Fan, why does it take ten years to be famous in China?
Two or three years is enough!
Soon, under the leadership of Li Er and others, Ye Fan entered the supreme private room and took a seat.
Sun Yuhao and others were also led by Li Er.
“Mr. Sun, sit down?”
“Why stand alone?”
“Didn’t you always look forward to seeing Mr. Chu before? Now that Mr. Chu is here, why is Mr. Sun just stunned?” Li Er said aloud, full of doubts.
However, Sun Yuhao and Han Hai and his daughter remained silent.
The old face was gloomy, just standing there with his head down, but he didn’t dare to look at Ye Fan at all. Let alone sit down and have a dinner with Ye Fan.
“You are…” The more Li Er looked, the more confused he was. The dinner party he bought for 200 million yuan, this Sun Yuhao was completely stunned and did not speak.
But Ye Fan, sitting at the table with a faint smile on his mouth, poured himself a glass of wine on his own.
The next moment, he raised his wine glass and turned to Han Hai in front of him: “Uncle, in Jianghai City before, you said I couldn’t give Mucheng happiness. Remember how I got you back then?”
Ye Fan’s faint voice sounded quietly in the room.
When Li Er heard that uncle’s name, he was taken aback for a moment, and immediately understood.
It seems that the three people in front of me, Mr. Genchu ​​knows.
Han Hai didn’t answer, nor dared to reply. When Ye Fan’s gaze came over, Han Hai trembled unconsciously.
But Ye Fan still said: “Now, I will say it again.”
“I know, in your eyes, perhaps the rivers and seas are the land of prosperity. To become a celebrity in the world is a pursuit!”
“But how do you know, in my eyes, what is Jiang Hai? What is Jiang Dong?”
“I can give Mucheng to the whole world!”
“I, Ye Fan, will eventually be this—the lord of the world!”
“At first, you didn’t believe it.”
“Now, I ask you, can you believe me?”
“Now, do you still think that I, Ye Fan, are humble and contemptible, not as good as others?”
“Now, do you still think that I am not worthy of Mucheng? Can’t give Mucheng happiness?”
When Ye Fan said this, his words were strong and heroic.
Only if the stone falls to the ground, there is a sound.
For a while, Ye Fan’s anger in the entire restaurant!
At the next moment, Ye Fan raised the overflowing wine glass in his hand, with great pride in his eyebrows, toasting to Han Hai, to Sun Yuhao, and to everyone in front of him.
Then, Ye Fan raised his head and took a drink!

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