A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 523

“This guy didn’t care much when he was at home. Now that he is suddenly gone, he is really uncomfortable.”
“Or, Xiaoli, don’t let Mucheng divorce him first.”
In the room, Han Li and Qiulei were sitting dry on the dining table, looking at the empty kitchen, Qiulei said in a low voice.
However, Han Li shook her head and said, “Although Ye Fan has indeed been useful in our family in the past few years. But we can’t delay the happiness of our family Mucheng’s life just because of this convenience.”
“The third child, think about it. When Mucheng divorces Ye Fan tomorrow, she will immediately get the certificate from Yuhao. By then, our old couple will be the in-laws of the Sun family.”
“Yu Hao’s family is so rich, let him find a gold medal nanny for our old couple. Isn’t cooking better than Ye Fan’s wastefulness?”
“Besides, we will have son-in-laws like Yuhao in the future. Wouldn’t it be better to go out?”
“Who else will look down on our family in the future?”
When Han Li said this, her waist unconsciously straightened a bit, as if she was about to raise her eyebrows.
When Qiu Lei heard this, he nodded with deep approval, “Well, Xiaoli, you are right!”
“It’s my short-sightedness.” Remember to read for a second
“In order for our family to be able to raise their eyebrows thoroughly in the future, what is the pain in front of us?”
“Tomorrow, Mucheng must divorce Ye Fan!”
Qiulei also clenched his fists and said firmly.
Afterwards, the couple soaked a pack of instant noodles and went back to the room to rest.
One night passed quickly.
Early the next morning, Han Li and his wife called Qiu Mucheng and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.
Qiu Mucheng seemed to cry for a long time last night, and her eyes were a little red and swollen at this moment.
Facing the urging of her parents, Qiu Mucheng did not resist, so she went with them.
It seemed that Qiu Mucheng had accepted the reality in front of her.
“Ye Fan’s uselessness, why hasn’t it arrived yet?”
“Don’t regret it again?”
“Mucheng, call him and ask him to come over quickly.”
After arriving at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Han Li found that Ye Fan hadn’t even arrived, and was immediately annoyed, and immediately urged Qiu Mucheng.
However, Qiu Mucheng didn’t fight, as if he hadn’t heard Han Li’s words.
Until now, Qiu Mucheng seemed to have a little hope.
She even hoped that Ye Fan would never come.
“You Nizi, what’s the matter?”
“Take me aside, right?”
Han Li became even more angry when she saw Qiu Mucheng didn’t listen to her.
I only feel that my daughter is so unprosperous, she is here, and she still has illusions and is so reluctant.
In the end, Han Li had no choice but to call Ye Fan herself: “Ye Fan, why haven’t you here yet?”
“I’m telling you, you don’t have to drag back, it’s useless to drag.”
“Today you and Mu Cheng are divorced.”
“It would be very boring if you entangled Mucheng hard and didn’t let go.”
“After all, we have lived under one roof for three years, so we can get together and stay away. There are some things that I don’t want to do too much. We don’t have to go to court to sue for divorce, right? You will be even more embarrassed when you get divorced. ”
“What you are like should be clear in your heart.”
“We used to let you live in my house. We thought you were pitiful. But now, Mucheng has met a better person, and she has also met her own happiness. If you keep entangled in it, it will delay her. Conscience, we have supported you for three years, even if you don’t thank us, you can’t delay us.”

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