A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter 524:

Han Li thought that Ye Fan regretted not coming, and immediately blasted Ye Fan over the phone.
What she said was awful, and she didn’t save Ye Fan any face.
But Ye Fan is also used to it. For the past three years, Han Li has always treated him like this.
“Mom, you misunderstood, I didn’t delay, I will be there soon.”
Facing Han Li’s cold words, Ye Fan was calm from beginning to end, and finally gave a faint smile before replying slowly.
Sure enough, Ye Fan had just hung up, and a thin figure appeared quietly around the corner.
This time, Ye Fan put on a decent dress.
It was the suit that Qiu Mucheng had bought for him before.
For so many years, this was the only dress Qiu Mucheng gave him. Ye Fan hasn’t worn it all the time, but today, he has worn it.
“Mom, Dad, sorry for keeping you waiting.”
Ye Fan politely apologized to both Han Li.
“Heh, are you still wearing a suit?”
“What is the use?”
“Is it a successful person? Is it a white-collar executive?”
“You have to be hard at ironing, and your own ability is the most important thing.”
“Otherwise, just put on your best clothes, a puddle of mud, and you can’t hold on to the wall?!”
“Ye Fan, I would like to advise you. After losing my Mucheng in the future, it’s better to be less vanity and more down-to-earth.” Han Li and his wife looked at Ye Fan and said contemptuously.
People are really weird sometimes. When Ye Fan doesn’t wear well, he says that Ye Fan is poor and lacking skills, which is embarrassing. Now that he is dressed, he says that Ye Fan is vanity, which has only appearance but no connotation.
Perhaps, in their eyes, what Ye Fan did was wrong.
In response to this, Ye Fan just smiled faintly, without rebutting anything, but turned and walked towards Qiu Mucheng.
“Mucheng, I…”
Just as Ye Fan was about to speak, Qiu Mucheng turned her head and walked to the side coldly: “There is nothing to say, we are about to get divorced, and we will be strangers from now on. I don’t know you, so you are better than not calling me. Mucheng.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words were cold, but when she said this, tears still wandered in her eyes.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng had already turned her head back, as if she didn’t want to pay attention to Ye Fan or talk to Ye Fan.
Seeing this, Ye Fan suddenly shook his head helplessly, sighing in his heart.
“Mucheng, you will understand soon.”
After Ye Fan arrived, he didn’t immediately go in with Qiu Mucheng to get a divorce. But still waiting outside.
“It’s weird, why are they still not Yuhao?”
“I said it yesterday. I came over to get the certificate from Mucheng this morning. I also told my brother specifically to let him remind Yu Hao at that time, what time is this, why is it not yet?”
Outside of the civil affairs, Han Li and his wife looked anxious and confused.
Qiu Lei was even more worried: “Do you think Yuhao will change his mind and dislike our Mucheng again?”
“Impossible!” Han Li replied immediately, “I know Yu Hao’s feelings for our Mucheng. It is impossible for him to change his mind. Either he forgot or there is a traffic jam on the road.”
“hold on.”
In this way, Han Li and others waited for another half an hour, and finally couldn’t wait any longer, so Han Li called Sun Yuhao to dial it.
e6f437a6 “Wuhao son-in-law, why haven’t you arrived yet?”
“Are we all waiting for you at the Civil Affairs Bureau?”
“And I have already booked the banquet. After you and Mucheng get the certificate, we will go to the hotel to celebrate.”
“You come here quickly.”
The flattering smile on Han Li’s face was in sharp contrast to the way he had spoken on the phone with Ye Fan just now!

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