A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 527

Sun Yuhao didn’t come, and encountered this kind of thing again. Naturally, the two Han Li and his wife had no thoughts anymore, bothering Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan.
The two panicked people quickly went home, leaving only Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng here.
“Mom, Dad, what’s the matter with you?”
“what happened?”
Qiu Mucheng was obviously also very puzzled. She didn’t know what happened to her parents, how could it be like this after answering the phone.
However, when Ren Qiu Mucheng called, Han Li and his wife could not care about Qiu Mucheng and the others, and the frightened two immediately returned home.
Qiu Mucheng was just like this, with a look of error, standing at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau at a loss.
“Mucheng, don’t worry about it either.”
“Nothing big.”
“I know that Sun Yuhao is not coming, so my parents are angry.”
At this time, Ye Fan’s faint laughter came from behind him. First URL m.
Qiu Mucheng was obviously still angry with Ye Fan. Hearing Ye Fan’s voice, she suddenly snorted: “Who will give you our parents? That’s my parents. It has nothing to do with you.”
“Don’t you want a divorce?”
“We will go now.”
Qiu Mucheng said puffedly.
Qiu Mucheng became very angry when she thought of Ye Fan’s ruthlessness last night.
She had already planned to bow her head with Ye Fan, but who knew that her news hadn’t been sent, Ye Fan took the lead to send it over, directly indicating that a divorce would come at nine o’clock on the day.
Qiu Mucheng had such a strong and arrogant character, even though she cried so miserably last night, she still stubbornly came to divorce Ye Fan the next day.
She must not let this bastard look down on her!
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan suddenly smiled bitterly: “Mucheng, you see that Sun Yuhao hasn’t come, you are afraid that you won’t be a rich lady. Now if I divorce you again, you won’t be a woman who is not wanted. ?”
“I think we won’t leave this marriage.”
“Let’s live together and live together. Don’t worry, although you are not tall, you are still small, you are not smart, and you have a lot of shit, but I will not despise you.”
Ye Fan smiled.
When Qiu Mucheng heard it, her nose was almost crooked with anger.
Will this bastard comfort people?
This lady is more than 1.7 meters tall, and she is taller than him in high heels. This bastard actually said she is young?
To Qiu Mucheng’s anger, Ye Fan even said that she had a small chest.
This lady is C-level!
Finally, in anger, Qiu Mucheng held up her delicate chest and retorted in anger:
“You are not wanted, you are not tall, are you small?”
“You’re a complete bastard~”
Qiu Mucheng angered and stretched out her jade feet to kick Ye Fan lightly. Of course, she didn’t use any force, just like a young couple was awkward and acting like a baby.
Cursing, Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes turned red, and in the end she didn’t know if it was because of grievance or fear. Two lines of tears flowed from Qiu Mucheng’s eyebrows.
Seeing this, Ye Fan felt an inexplicable touch and pity in his heart.
Finally, he stretched out his hand and gently wiped the tears from the corners of Qiu Mucheng’s eyes, and smiled lightly: “How old are you still crying? I don’t really want you anymore!”
“My wife is so good-looking, she has a good body, she is thin, gentle, her eyes are big, she has dimples when she smiles, she looks like a fairy, where am I willing to divorce you?”
Ye Fan kept comforting, saying nice and moving words.
In fact, from the very beginning, Ye Fan did not intend to divorce Qiu Mucheng. The reason why he did this was purely to silence Han Li and Qiulei.

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